<div>South Vietnamese Soldiers. South Vietnam wanted to keep the South closely allied with the West.</div>
<div>The U.S. flew over the South Vietnamese soldiers in helicopters.</div> soundcloud.com Listen to Helicopter Sound Effect by arthurwar1 #np on #SoundCloud
www.history.com Amid a siege that would last 77 days, medic Raymond Torres was dropped into central Vietnam.
<div>U.S. soldiers protecting the South Vietnamese Soldiers</div>
<div>Picture taken by Horst Faas</div>
<div>War was fought between the North Vietnamese (communist) and South Vietnamese. The North Vietnamese's leader, Ho Chi Minh, wanted to unite all of Vietnam in a communist state. The U.S. helped fight for the Southern side.</div>
<div>The war began in 1964, and the U.S. had more than 500,000 soldiers in Vietnam by 1969. The U.S. left Vietnam in 1973, because they were facing great cost and casualties. Two years later, South Vietnam was overrun by the North.</div>
<div>1.5 million people flee the country as refugees. The North Vietnamese had enforced strict control, and reeducation camps. 200,000 refugees died at sea, while escaping.</div>

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