Precambian eon
<div>This eon was started 4600 milion years ago an it's ended over 570 milion years ago.</div>
<div>It's formed by two eras;</div><div>Proterozoic era </div><div>Archaic era</div>
<div>ARCHAIC ERA</div><div>TIME:Is from 4600 million years to 2500 milion years. </div><div>CLIMATE:</div><div>-Space dust condenses into rocks.The water that falls is the rain formed.</div><div>-During this era, large folding and cataclysms ocurred that led appear some mountain ridges.</div><div>LIVING BEINGS:</div><div>-The main characteristic of this era is the abence of complex living beings.</div><div>-The first organic compounds are formed in the water and give rise to the first living beings, unicellular animals that can reproduce.</div><div><br></div>
<div>PROTEROZOIC ERA:</div><div>TIME:Is from 2500 miliion years ago to 570 million years ago.</div><div>CLIMATE AND EARTH'S FORMATION:</div><div>-In this era, Phanguea starts to be formed.</div><div>-Ozone layer begins to be formed.</div><div>-First glaciations.</div><div>-First metazoans: Ediacaran fauna.</div><div>LIVING BEINGS:</div><div>-Its main characteristic is that in this era appears complex living organisms.</div><div>-Appears eucariotic cells.</div><div>-First multicellular living things (green and red algae).</div><div>-First fungi.</div>

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