Josephine Baker "The Black Pearl"
<div>Josephine Baker was born in 1906. Her and her family lived in extreme poverty which resulted in Josephine leaving school at the age of eight to work, and running away at the age of fourteen. </div>
<div>She joined her first traveling vaudeville show in 1921. (A mixture of acts: music, comedy, and dance.) She was the first diva of modern popular dance. A strong point in her shows was comedy. While traveling she preformed on various stages in New York City, and learned new dancing skills.</div>
<div>While doing shows in New York, Josephine joined an all-black revue group that preformed in France (1925). Josephine became the rage of Paris for her Subsequent performances. She became a French cultural icon.</div>
<div>Artists and writers such as Pablo Picasso, Langston Hughes, and Ernest Hemingway praised her beauty, grace, and physical magnetism. Josephine also worked tirelessly to polish her singing and dancing skills</div>
<div>Josephine took some time away from dancing to help in the french resistance as a spy. She transmitted information to captain Jacques Abtey. She also went to the United States to fight for civil rights. later, she retired to have a life with her 12 adopted children in Monaco. She died in her sleep of a stroke in 1975. </div>
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