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SAMR & Bloom's Tools to Get you Started


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<div>Choose an ebook to read from one of the sources - BryteWave K-12 (see your librarian for access), Unite or Epic! You might choose to use Word to IDENTIFY the main ideas of the text</div>
<div>Choose an app to use to EXPLAIN or OUTLINE the main ideas of the text you just read.</div>
<div>Try one of the apps that fall under "Modification" or "Redefinition" to create a project that EVALUATES the main ideas in respect to the overall lesson of the text or makes an INFERENCE about the text based on the main ideas.</div>
<div>Use the Word app to take notes - connect to your Microsoft Business account.</div>
<div>Using Word App - How to Video</div> youtu.be This video is about Using the Word App on the iPad
<div>Brytewave K-12 is an app that connects to your library's eBook collection.</div>
<div>Unite for Literacy is an online eBook collection - you can choose to have texts read to you and you can select the language.</div> www.uniteforliteracy.com Unite for Literacy provides free digital access to picture books, narrated in many languages. Literacy is at the core of a healthy community, so we unite with partners to enable all families to read with their young children.
www.getepic.com Instant access to thousands of great kids books.
youtu.be Popplet as a form of scientific investigation. Looks at famous Scientists and the Habits of Mind they used to success. We then look at the Habits of Minds ou...
youtu.be ChatterPix is a straightforward App but has so many opportunities for use in lessons. My students really enjoy using it. This video tutorial shows you how to...
www.youtube.com A tutorial for using the app PicCollage Kids in the classroom. A great app that's easy to use for kids. For more teaching ideas, be sure to check out my blog...
<div>OneNote Basics</div> www.smore.com What is OneNote? OneNote is a productivity tool that you can use to keep track of notes in notebooks across all of your devices and even...
<div>OneNote Classroom</div> www.smore.com OneNote Class Notebook Overview The OneNote Class Notebook is a teacher driven tool that allows teachers to establish a notebook that...
youtu.be Tellagami App teacher tutorial. Tellagami as a digital story telling tool for schools and students.
<div>This is a GREAT tutorial to show kids!</div> youtu.be
www.youtube.com A step by step instruction showing how to use the app.
<div>Use Microsoft Tools like Word, OneNote, PowerPoint to collaborate through the share feature.</div>
youtu.be Download FREE Guide to boosting the quality of your iPhone videos with these 8 x tools https://johnscotland.leadpages.co/iphone-video-tools/ Learn how to vid...
youtu.be Ever want to write a book? How to use the Book Creator App for the iPad An iPad app that allows students to create interactive eBooks on an iPad. The app is ...
youtu.be Simple instructions to create a video
youtu.be Quick look at the new Scratch Jr App for iPad and how teachers can use in the early years with their students to learn, introduce students to code. BUY this ...