Opinions of Trump Around the World
<div>Anonymous, 19, Argentina: </div><div>I believe Donald Trump is trying to get as many votes as possible, so he says contradictory things every single time he talks, so I don’t know if I have the same views as him as I don’t see how he has any views on anything. I’m actually worried that if Trump becomes president, he’ll start a war for no reason and drive the U.S. to bankruptcy.</div>
<div>Anonymous, 27, Australia: </div><div>Donald Trump is ignorant, spontaneous and childish. If Trump became president, there would be a detrimental loss of peace, trade and international relations, and I would be less inclined to visit the U.S. and would be less likely to support any political relations with the U.S.</div>
<div>Anonymous, 19, Vienna, Austria: </div><div>I think Donald Trump acts very despicably, and if Trump becomes president, it would be terrible for the relationship between the U.S. and every other country that takes politics seriously. I think if Trump becomes president and keeps acting like he does now, it would affect almost everyone. The U.S. is involved all over the world and if their relationships to countries are negatively affected, that could change the world a lot, starting with the economy.</div>
<div>Helena, 16, Brazil:</div><div>I think Donald Trump is practicing xenophobia by trying to segregate non-Americans living in the U.S. and using the "violence" argument so that people who feel unsafe vote on him. Just like Hitler, whom U.S. students study in school as a villain, by disrespecting human rights. I think with a Trump Presidency people would be insecure with the government, and the American economy would fall and generate a crisis, taking with it europe, and the rest of the world. The whole world would be in a situation of instability. People would lose their jobs and would have to expend less, only a small portion of the population, the high class would be able to invest into something and travel.</div>
<div>André, 15, Sao Paulo, Brazil: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is a smart man, but his ideals shock me so much, I sometimes wonder if what he's saying is true. </div>
<div>Anonymous, 18, Vancouver, Canada: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is absolutely atrocious, and a Trump presidency would be disastrous. Also, I’m moving to the U.S. for school and the thought of Trump being elected it is significantly affecting my plans to stay. I’m also a dual citizen and would reconsider keeping my U.S. citizenship if Trump became president.</div>
<div>Troy, 17, Canada:</div><div>Donald Trump doesn't respect many different cultures and people and he’s very aggressive and opinionated. However, he does appeal to certain people in the U.S. If Trump became president, it would be [terrible] for the states, and Canada. U.S. international relations would probably also suffer, as well as American diversity. If a Trump president occured, I would be worried about Canada because we're so close. I would also probably be less inclined to visit the U.S.</div>
<div>Adrian, 17, Costa Rica: </div><div>I believe Donald Trump is antagonized and demonized much more than he deserves and should be, because overall he is not a terrible candidate. If Trump became president, I think the U.S. would focus more on itself than it currently does, and some international relations might diminish, but overall, the world would not differ much from the state it is currently in. If a Trump presidency happened, there would likely be reduced jobs and diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Costa Rica, but they would still be maintained at an acceptable or above acceptable level. However, I think a president must care for its citizens more than the rest of the world, so I believe a slight deterioration in the world in these aspects would not be a thing to hold against him.</div>
<div>Sally, 23, Copenhagen, Denmark: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is a joke and not fit for presidency. I think he is also frightening because Trump is proof of the effect fear and hate can have on people. There is also a general opinion in Denmark that Trump is also proof of how ignorant a big part of the American population is. If Trump became president, there would be a lot of bad consequences because of his hostile attitude to free trade, and alienation of Mexico and China in particular, could escalate rapidly into a trade war. Also, if soldiers and officers refuse to follow Trump's orders to torture prisoners of war and kill family members of terrorists then the U.S. would have a constitutional problem on their hands. Also, Trump wants to weaken NATO which would make Europe unstable. I don't think a Trump presidency would limit the jobs in my country but I would definitely not want to visit the U.S. again.</div>
<div>Clara, 18, Denmark: </div><div>Donald Trump is very extreme in his way of expressing himself. I honestly don't think, that he has any valuable ideas, that can go through if becoming president. Trump’s presidency wouldn't have any affect on me or my way of living. Maybe the more extreme parties in denmark, would be inspired, to become even more extreme, or maybe the opposite would happen.</div>
<div>Ana, 26, Ecuador: </div><div>Donald Trump is a threat to world peace, and if he wins the presidency, discrimination will be legitimated in the U.S. If Trump becomes president, Ecuador’s business scenario will drastically change because the U.S. is the first commercial partner of Ecuador. Also, I’ll definitely visit the U.S. less if there’s a president who speaks with so much hate and discrimination, like Trump.</div>
<div>Farah, 24, Cairo, Egypt: </div><div>As a Muslim, it scares me that Donald Trump has given a voice to all the silent people with racist and stereotypical views in the world. Trump made it okay to say Muslims are terrorists or Mexicans are drug dealer, or even that women [can be judged] by looks. For a while, visiting the U.S. has been less and less appealing to me, a veiled woman. I have veiled friends who were scared and didn't wear the traditional hijab wrap in order to be less recognized as a Muslim and avoid prejudice - especially after the Paris incident. If Trump becomes president, I would be cautious to visit many areas in the States, if I even go.</div>
<div>Alex, 30, Helsinki, Finland: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is crazy and scary, and a Trump presidency would be catastrophic. A Trump presidency would make it harder to find jobs in Finland and it would be more difficult for everyone to travel and I think there would be less global security.</div>
<div>Saskia, 23, Paris, France: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is racist and unqualified for politics. I think a Trump presidency would cause a regression of social rights, women’s rights, and minorities rights in the U.S. If the "leader of the world" fighting wars became Trump, [I] think it would undermine the UN’s and European countries’ peacekeeping work. I don't know a Trump presidency would affect me directly, but I am sure I would not visit the U.S. while trump being president.</div><div><br></div><div>Elisa, 24, Paris, France: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is someone to be afraid of and is a dictator. A Trump presidency would cause less open mindedness towards other cultures by the U.S. and it would trigger anger towards migrants. If Trump became president, I would be less inclined to visit the U.S., and I think Trump would empower the French extreme party.</div>
<div>Daniela Gaisar, 38, Viersen, Germany: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is narrow-minded, choleric, narcissistic and egoistic, and a Trump presidency would cause isolation of the U.S. I also think if countries didn’t act the way Trump wants, he would cause wars. I don’t think a Trump presidency would affect jobs in Germany, but I wouldn't go to the U.S. if I can avoid it.</div>
<div>Stefania, 20, Guatemala: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is a racist, bigot, shallow, narrow minded, unpredictable and scary. I think if Trump becomes president, he will start or provoke more wars, travel will be limited for international citizens inside the U.S., and migration will be impossible. I also think many steps taken for equal rights inside the U.S. to be taken away. My economy depends on the U.S. but with Trump’s racist views, exportation will be limited and offshore American business inside our country will be forced to leave so the U.S.’s investments in Guatemala will decrease. Also, I would be less inclined to visit the U.S. if Trump becomes president.</div>
<div>Hagia, 20, Honduras: </div><div>I’m scared of how popular Donald Trump is. Whatever happens in U.S. affects Central America greatly -- even besides immigration. I think Trump is ignorant and doesn’t understand or respect other people’s points of views, cultures, and ideas. Trump is similar to Hitler and they have the same way of rising to power -- a moment of desperation and chaos where people value "being told the truth as it is" due to confusion. A Trump presidency would devastate the economy in Honduras and globally. South America is tough enough and independent enough -- Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador are not. If Trump became president, some of the reforms Trump wants will hurt the economy a lot, so it would just get worse here in Honduras. The economy of Honduras is already bad, my family has been struggling for years now.</div>
<div>Þórey, 30, Iceland: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is a racist idiot who's dangerous to the whole world. I think if Trump became president, hate, ignorance and racism would blossom in the U.S. and I think (in all seriousness) that Trump might start a world war because of the things he says and what he believes in. Hopefully a Trump presidency wouldn't have affect me, but if he would manage to start a world war I'm pretty sure that would have consequences that would affect me.</div><div><br></div><div>Kristján, 17, Iceland: </div><div>I think Donald Trump’s views are good, and a Trump presidency would have good effects on the U.S. and the world. However, a Trump presidency wouldn’t affect me at all and I would visit the U.S. more often if Trump became president.</div>
<div>Sasha, 19, Indonesia: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is racist and doesn't care about Muslim people. If Trump becomes president, it will be really hard for me to get a visa to visit the U.S.</div>
<div>Anonymous, 18, Israel: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is ignorant, hateful, and disrespectful. I think that if Trump does the things he talks about and acts irresponsibly, he could cause the next World War. Some people in Israel think Trump would support our country unconditionally, unlike Obama. Our current Prime-Minister is so bad I'm sure Trump and [Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] would like each other.</div>
<div>Stefania, 22, Italy: </div><div>My views on Donald Trump are absolutely negative, and I think a Trump presidency would have very, very negative effects on the U.S. and the world. I think a Trump presidency would boost racism, hate and populism, but I’m not sure if it would directly affect my life.</div>
<div>Gabriele, 22, Lithuania: </div><div>If Donald Trump is elected president it will cause problems for the EU, as the middle ground between U.S. and middle East, thus harming our relationships with the U.S. and the countries in the East. I'm sure, he's got something to do with the Brexit. Plus, the 'no muslims allowed' policy will prevent British politicians from entering the U.S., like the Mayor of London. And, if the Brexit happens, the UK's gonna turn to the U.S., and it'll just make everything more complicated. Trump’s presidency could affect me because Lithuania is a part of NATO, so in case of war, which is my worst fear, we have to fight for them.</div>
<div>Mariana, 15, Mexico: </div><div>Donald Trump only says what American people want to listen to. He is racist, and is not open minded. If Trump does what he promised, it will be a disaster. If Trump is elected, Mexico would be very angry and I would be less inclined [to visit the U.S.]. Also, commerce would be different and the economy would get worse in both countries if Trump became president.</div>
<div>Cristina, 18, Netherlands:</div><div>If Donald Trump was elected it would make working together internationally impossible. His presidency would probably limit jobs in our country, since international trade between Europe and the U.S. will become more difficult. Still, what I think is more pressing, is the fact that he tries to make racism ok. If he becomes president, I think it will lead to rallies all around the world between people who support Trump and therefore assume racism is ok, and people who don't. There is no in between.</div><div><br></div><div>Henk, 45, Netherlands: </div><div>Donald Trump is a great man. If he is elected it’ll make the U.S. better. If he becomes president I want to move [to the U.S.].</div>
<div>Sophie, 23, New Zealand: </div><div>I think it's a bit scary that Donald Trump's in a position to become president. I disagree with his views on numerous issues. He is racist and sexist. Hopefully Trump’s presidency will not have much [effect] on New Zealand. If he was elected I would be less inclined to visit [the U.S.]. </div>
<div>Kjetil, 42, Norway: </div><div>I agree with Donald Trump on some of his views, especially the ones where he criticizes the West for destabilizing the middle east by getting rid of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. But, if he is serious in his statements regarding muslims and mexicans, than I completely disagree.</div><div><br></div><div>Henriette, 19, Norway: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is a racist who should never be in charge of running a country, and that he contributes to more fear of foreigners, and he is leading the U.S. in the wrong direction. I think if he is elected it will make it more difficult for foreigners to live in the U.S., and that his views will affect the entire country, because the rest of the world will not approve of the U.S. politics. Trump’s presidency would not affect us [in Norway] too much, but it will definitely affect my view on the U.S. It is scary to see that so many people vote for him and believe in him. In my opinion this is very close to the way Hitler came to power. </div>
<div>Anonymous, 24, Norway: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is ethnocentric, he has no compassion or the ability to put himself in other people's shoes. He thinks solely of his own preferences and not the country's needs. He has no introspect and no sense of humor. I think a Trump presidency would destroy U.S.'s diplomatic relationship to other countries and also to some extent, the trade. I have never talked and joked so much about a candidate for the U.S. presidential election. We would probably have even more to talk about if a Trump presidency became real. It would have absolutely no effect on jobs or my general life. I would probably be less inclined to visit the U.S. because it would make me lose a lot of respect for the country. </div>
<div>Mauricio, 17, Peru: </div><div>I would say what I think of Donald Trump but my mom told me not to say bad words online. I think a Trump presidency would be complete chaos economically, politically, and socially. International tensions will rise, and hate crimes will become common. The U.S. economy would be affected because students would look for options in other countries to study, and the same would go for international trade and businesses, which would affect all economies around the world. I find the U.S. a scary place ever since Trump became a candidate, and I know I'm not the only one. Hate in the U.S. now exists stronger than ever, and even if Trump doesn't win, Americans already showed what their real thoughts are. I am not saying everyone in the U.S. is like that. But Trump supporters, which unfortunately are a lot, will continue to exist.</div>
<div>Anonymous, 18, Philippines: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is an offensive, bigoted, xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, joke of a "politician" and is too idealistic for his own good. I think most of Donald Trump’s plans are too idealistic, and if he actually puts those ideas into action, such as the "wall", he'll put the U.S. into debt. If he does that, the exchange rate of USD would drop. Also, Trump wouldn't be a good ambassador when going abroad because he doesn’t understand foreign policy and international law. A Trump presidency would affect me because my country is closely tied with the U.S., so if Trump became president, the Philippine economy would be unstable and unpredictable. I also wouldn't want to visit the U.S.</div>
<div>Isabella Concepcion, 15, Philippines: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is definitely not a good leader, so he will probably make hasty decisions that will affect not only Americans but countries that work with the U.S. I think if Trump won, everything would become dysfunctional. Trump may be a businessman but what he does is far different from actually being a legitimate leader. I don't think Trump would want to work with the Philippines, because we look like Hispanics and we have a lot of immigrants in the U.S. [so our economy might suffer].</div>
<div>Ewa, 17, Poland: </div><div>I think Trump is racist, arrogant and doesn't know what he's doing. A Trump presidency would really do the U.S. a lot of harm and he would destroy the international relations between the U.S. and other countries. I don't think a Trump presidency would have much of an effect on my life but it could be harder for me to be allowed to visit the U.S.</div>
<div>Madalena, 17, Portugal: </div><div>Donald Trump appeals to the worst side of mankind by planting in everyone's mind a seed of mistrust, fright and hate of the foreigner. I think he has zero confidence and behaves like child who is not able to listen to other views without being offended. The U.S. is one of the biggest and most important countries in the world. I think a Trump presidency would destroy many foreign relationships, and would isolate the U.S. in a corner. Donald's trump presidency would surely affect the rest of the world, including me. I think people would be less inclined to go to the U.S. because we might not be welcomed. Trust would be lost in Americans if they let Trump build a wall.</div>
<div>Marko, 22, Slovenia: </div><div>I don’t think Donald Trump is a racist like mainstream media portrays him. Trump never said anything racist and he's the only candidate not from the elite 1%. Also, Trump wants to end war in the middle east. I think a Trump presidency would cause greater border control, the U.S. would get jobs back from China, terrorism would be fighting, and Trump would fight the banks and elites. I think if Trump became president, there would be good effects for me because less war in the middle east means less chaos for Europe.</div>
<div>Nahid, 30, Spain: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is a nightmare that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a position of power. I think a Trump presidency would be catastrophic, and it really frightens me to think of the consequences of giving such power to a person like Trump, who is a bigot, racist, misogynist, and irresponsible, among other things. A Trump presidency would be very dangerous and would be a few thousand steps back from everything the United States has accomplished so far in basic human rights, foreign policy, and even democracy. If Trump became president, I would definitely be less inclined to visit the United States.</div>
<div>Anonymous, 16, Malmö, Sweden: </div><div>I think Donald Trump’s proposed policies are completely insane but the fact that he is the Republican nominee shows he is addressing genuine feelings of frustration within the American populace, which is what is scariest. A Trump presidency would probably cause a government shutdown because not only Democrats but also many Republicans disagree with his message and his policies would probably not get accepted by Congress, especially if a Democratic Congress is elected in 2018. Globally, a Trump presidency might lead historical allies of the U.S., like the EU, to reconsider their relationship with the U.S. and their dependence on the U.S. in terms of security and trade. As a liberal, a Trump presidency would bring a significant blow to my view of the world because a it would mean a return to nationalism and old-fashioned reactionary values. A Trump presidency would definitely convince me that I don’t want to live in the U.S.</div>
<div>Sandra, 17, Sweden: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is a narcissistic, homophobic, racist, sexist and completely obnoxious person and I don’t understand how he ended up in the position where he is today. I think the U.S. will become even more xenophobic and the prejudice towards many groups, including Latin Americans and Muslims, will grow. I also believe the economical class differences will grow even more in the U.S. if Trump becomes president. Since the U.S. is the one superpower in the world, and Sweden is also the most "Americanized" country in the world, I believe Trump’s views will spread through the rest of the world and cause it to be less open minded. A Trump presidency will prevent the development of equality throughout the world, and if Trump becomes president, I will not visit the U.S. during his presidency.</div>
<div>Anonymous, 16, Bangkok, Thailand: </div><div>I think Donald Trump speaks the silent thoughts of Americans, but that doesn't mean his thoughts are right. If Trump became president, international trade and education would change a lot, which are both sources of income for the U.S. A Trump presidency would make me rethink my choice of university and holiday destination, [because] they are both in the U.S.</div>
<div>Tess, 23, York, United Kingdom: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is dangerous. He is blind to privilege, and he has no want for equality. He also has no foreign policy experience. I think a lot of his ideas will be blocked by congress, but his xenophobia views are enabling for people. If he was elected I would be much less inclined to visit the U.S. It’s off putting, the rest of the world doesn't respect him. </div>
<div>Sanuel, 19, London, United Kingdom: </div><div>Donald Trump is unfit as president, consistently lies and has only gotten this far because the American media displays his face everywhere. His scapegoating tactics and his hate is very worrying. He seemed like a joke at first, I wish it had all been a joke. A Trump presidency could alienate other countries, destroy trade agreements, and even [destroy] peace throughout the world. Even worse, climate change would be left unaddressed, causing future devastation throughout the world. I would be less inclined to visit the U.S., especially because all my friends would have left to Canada. Trump doesn't provide any concrete plans for anything. False promises of jobs will bankrupt the U.S., and he could act as an authoritarian leader. His presidency will limit jobs as trade would diminish.</div>
<div>Fiona, 16, California, U.S.: </div><div>I think Donald Trump needs to be stopped, and if he became president he would run this country into the ground. I'm an immigrant, and so are a lot of my friends, so if Trump became president, my family would probably move to Canada or back to Germany. I don't know a Trump presidency would affect jobs. I'd definitely be less inclined to visit the U.S., just to boycott Trump and stand in solidarity with groups he's personally targeting, such as Mexican Americans and Muslims.</div>
<div>Mary, 52, Chicago, U.S.: </div><div>I think Donald Trump is anti-establishment and is positive for the U.S., but maybe not so much for the world if he really makes the world step up and pay for their own way. I think a Trump presidency would bring back some jobs but wouldn’t really affect tourism to the U.S.</div>
<div>Corday, 17, Dallas, U.S.: </div><div>I find Donald Trump and his supporters to be over the top, extreme, and scary. I think if Trump becomes president, the U.S. would take steps backwards in terms of ethnic tolerance, and we'd lose respect in the world because of Trump's reputation. I also think a Trump presidency may limit jobs for some people in the U.S. and boost opportunities for some other people in the U.S.</div>
<div>Indigo, 18, Vietnam: </div><div>Donald trump’s presidency would be the second worst scenario for the world, just after if Hillary was the president. If he was president I would be less willing to visit the U.S.</div>

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