Dessin"Bast #1 Katya"
Bast was also known as Bastet, Baast, Ubasti, and Baset.
One of Bast's symbols is her silver wadjet eye necklace, representing the sun god.
Another symbol is her aegis, which has a cat or lion head on it
The scarab beetle is also one of her symbols, representing self creation.
The Hathor headed sistrum is a symbol representing Bast's music
since Bast can be shown in cat form, and her sacred animal is the cat, the cat represents Bast often and statues of her are usually in cat form.
the lioness is one of Bast's symbols because she is associated with the lion goddess Sekhmet.
this is Bast's name in hieroglyphics, meaning she of the perfume bottle. Sources for Katya Deity Project

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