#IonPassion Projects for 7th period
<div>Lauren and Devyn are exploring how people discover their passions.</div> devynandlauren.wordpress.com Do you know your PASSION?
<div>Amanda is learning to design her own clothing.</div> prettyininksite.wordpress.com designing clothes from the past
<div>Alia is learning to decorate cakes and cupcakes.</div> pieceofcakeblog.wordpress.com pieceofcakeblog
<div>Mary wants to learn what goes on behind the scenes of the world's largest internet companies.</div> peoplelikeroosterteeth.wordpress.com improving the internet since 2003
<div>Brooke, not pictured, is learning to become an English teacher.</div> inglishteachur.wordpress.com inglishteachur
<div>JT and Joe are building a lightsaber.</div> lightsaberkaiburr.wordpress.com Welcome to your new home on WordPress.com
<div>Ellie is researching how 4-H can help students become leaders in large animal care.</div> uddersandsuch.wordpress.com My name's Ellie and my passion is found in animals.
<div>Owen is learning to compose and produce his own music.</div> thecomposersite.wordpress.com thecomposersite
<div>Ethan is discovering what it takes to become a Marine.</div> marinestrength.blogspot.com What it takes to be a Marine and the passion involved, is what I am going to discover through this blog.
<div>Caitlynn explores careers in art.</div> springtimeatgiverny.wordpress.com C h i a r o s c u r o
<div>Rebecca is building a chicken coop.</div> eggcellant.wordpress.com eggcellant
<div>Autumn is learning to scrapbook.</div> smashbookinggalore.blogspot.com A place to show the how and why I love what I love. Smashbooking! I'm researching why smashbooking is a good way to express yourself and see who you are as a person, through the pages you create.
<div>Follow our class on Twitter.</div> www.twitter.com Les tout derniers Tweets de Jennifer Ward (@wardsworldihs). Connecting Ms. Ward's high school English students with their community, with authors...with the world. Also follow me @jenniferward. Ionia, MI
<div>Learn more about our #IonPassion project by clicking here.</div> www.jenniferward.org We've been talking about passion in my high school English classes for the past two weeks. No, not quite like that. Much like the uni...
<div>Students need practical classes. Cassidy's looking into the reality of proposing new, practical courses.</div> vitalskillsschooldoesntteachus.wordpress.com Vital Skills School Doesn't Teach Us
<div>Tara is interested in teaching others about rabbits.</div> rabbit273.wordpress.com 4-H and Why you should choose rabbits
<div>Kelsey and Sarah are learning how to paint.</div> artsypainting.wordpress.com By: Kelsey and Sarah
<div>Alivia is exploring what it takes to become a professional musician.</div> wonderfulmusic9.wordpress.com wonderfulmusic9
<div>Heidi is passionate about music.</div> heidisblogweb.wordpress.com heidisblogweb
<div>Owen is wondering what motivates people to change.</div> together260.wordpress.com
<div>Makala is learning languages.</div> homewithintheworld.wordpress.com homewithintheworld
<div>Molly is learning about soccer.</div> ollymollyblog.wordpress.com Page not found – Learning to Juggle a Soccer Ball
<div>Jose is so magical that he's disappeared!</div> themagicofjose.wordpress.com Magic Is All Around Us All The Time. You Just Have To Chose To Find It.
<div>Austin learns to skateboard.</div> ohsh8twaddup.wordpress.com Sk8

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