IonPassion Blogs - 1st period
<div>Chloe and Kaitlyn are learning to become authors using Wattpad.</div> Writing Fireflies
<div>Justin is learning to train dogs.</div> Obedience Oasis
<div>Paige is interested in early childhood education.</div> kiddyplaytime
<div>Sarah and Kelsey are learning to become fine artists.</div> By: Kelsey and Sarah
<div>Megan wants to learn how to edit and produce videos.</div> Teen Leadership and Service Project
<div>Will's blog, Cheesy But Grate, explores what it takes to become a great chef.</div> Join me in the journey of becoming a better cook!
<div>Madelyn is the Mad Poet.</div> The site where a mad poet named Maddy writes about poetry
<div>Michael is learning to become a pilot.</div> bringthegforces
<div>Jordan wants to know how to become a published author.</div> The Stories Of Old
<div>Aleah is learning all about spoken word poetry.</div> Aleah
<div>Wilson is off and running.</div> Running25
<div>Kylie is learning to paint her passion - puppies!</div> PUPPIESANDPAINTING
<div>Reese loves soccer, so he is learning a few new tricks.</div> In these next couple months I am going to be dedicating my spare time to some soccer tekkers (freestyle tricks). Tekkers has been a side project for a while for me but around actual soccer practice…
<div>James is all about music and is learning how to produce his own.</div> James Paulin
<div>Trevor is passionate about EDM and learning to create and produce his own.</div> Creation of Electronic, Dubstep, and Other Various Genres of Music
<div>Grant is learning what it takes to become an athletic trainer.</div> TrainsforGains
<div>Alec and Connor are learning all about what it takes to be great at baseball.</div> Baseball 101
<div>How do your build great teams? That's what Sydni wants to know.</div> Teamwork
<div>Samantha is learning about happiness and positive psychology.</div> (sunlight filtering through the leaves of the trees)
<div>Nicole is sharing her poetry and learning what it takes to become a poet.</div> Nicole Pittman
<div>What is the psychology of runners.</div> Running for a reason
<div>Keegan, Jon, and Jacob are learning what it takes to go pro in football.</div> Football
<div>Garrett is training for a marathon and learning what it takes to be a great distance runner.</div>
<div>Hannah is learning to cut children's hair.</div> Hair 4 Kidz
<div>Learn more about our #IonPassion project.</div> We've been talking about passion in my high school English classes for the past two weeks. No, not quite like that. Much like the uni...
<div>Follow our class Twitter account.</div> Les tout derniers Tweets de Jennifer Ward (@wardsworldihs). Connecting Ms. Ward's high school English students with their community, with authors...with the world. Also follow me @jenniferward. Ionia, MI
<div>Alex explores marriage.</div> Tie The Knot
<div>Shane is into powerlifting.</div> WELCOME TO GAINSVILLE

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