IonPassion Blogs - 2nd Period
<div>Sydney is interested in exploring what people passionate about horses can do for careers.</div> Showing what really happens on top of the saddle.
<div>Kayla is interested in how horses might be incorporated into therapy.</div> Having a bad day? Go ride!
<div>Laurynn is learning calligraphy.</div> creativecalligraphyblog
<div>McKenna is learning what it takes to become a fashion designer.</div> fashionablylateweb
<div>Emily is learning photography.</div> Emily Rose Photography
<div>John is starting his own detailing business.</div> big johns detail
<div>Grace is learning what it takes to become a hair stylist.</div> Protected Blog › Log in
<div>Mia is doing some thinking about thinking.</div> thinkingonthinking
<div>Rebecca is learning what it takes to become a photographer.</div> rrphotographyweb
<div>Connor and Alec are learning what it takes to be good at baseball.</div> Baseball 101
<div>Alex and Hunter are learning what it takes to learn how to taxidermy.</div> Our Taxidermy Project
<div>Ian is interested in learning if it is worth it to pursue a degree in business.</div> Protected Blog › Log in
<div>Our class Twitter account.</div> Les tout derniers Tweets de Jennifer Ward (@wardsworldihs). Connecting Ms. Ward's high school English students with their community, with authors...with the world. Also follow me @jenniferward. Ionia, MI
<div>Learn more about our class #IonPassion project account.</div> We've been talking about passion in my high school English classes for the past two weeks. No, not quite like that. Much like the uni...
<div>Addison is interested in home design.</div> designyourhomeweb

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