What's in my bag
<div>I usually have lots of snacks in my purse. The healthy ones are for me and the candy is to keep the boys quiet in church.</div>
<div>I tried to lay everything out in categories. The Skittles should have been with the snacks.</div>
<div>This is Doterra Essential Oil for muscle soreness. I keep a very small amount with me all the time because I never know when I will have a really bad workout.</div>
<div>Can't leave home without my VGA adapter and my cell phone portable charger.</div>
<div>When you touch computers all day, it is hard to stay healthy. Sometimes I feel better knowing that I have Airborne and Zicam nasal spray in my purse for those extra germy days. Also, the Advil is for my headaches. </div>
<div>Tide stick - in case of stains!</div>
<div>I carry a sample QR code with me. I saw it in my church bulletin over a year ago and cut it out. I was tired of teachers not knowing what a QR code was.</div>
<div>Sunglasses to protect my eyes. They were a proud purchase - Marc's 99 cents. </div>
<div>Nail file, lip balm, lip gloss and lotion. I tend to prefer the lip balm but sometimes I feel like I need some extra color.</div>
<div>My car key</div>
<div>Mark's car key.</div>
<div>I rarely use pens so I am finally down to just one in my purse.</div>
<div>Card to Lifetime Fitness.</div>
<div>These items go along with my germ-phobia. I use Bath and Body Works anitbac gel and also fancy antibac wipes. The wipes are the best - grapefruit splash, lavendar and mint. My Mom orders them online for me every Christmas. They are super soft and come from CA.</div>
<div>A plastic knife - I have no idea why that is there.</div>
<div>Two pennies...no idea.</div>
<div>Business card from the banker that set up Zach's bank account.</div>
<div>My wallet.</div>
<div>Random receipt from Alterations Express - for Will's slacks for his first communion outfit.</div>
<div>Floss. Essential. </div>
<div>Ear buds. I take these with me everywhere.</div>
<div>Tea bag. In case I ever feel like I need a hot drink.</div>
<div>Two packages of tissues. Not sure why there are two...usually I only have one.</div>
<div>Random business cards.</div>
<div>My office keys are missing (they are on my desk) and my phone is missing (used it to take the photo).</div>

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