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7 Principles of Personalized Learning - Fulton Co. Schools

<div>Edutopia Blog Article - Just-in-Time Teaching: An Interactive Engagement Pedagogy</div> www.edutopia.org Guest blogger Gregor Novak introduces Just-in-Time Teaching, a strategy for personalizing education via active learning that builds in-class lessons from prior responses by students.
<div>Better Lesson Website - Personalized Small Group Instruction (Teacher in Action Video and Strategy Explanation with images)</div> betterlesson.com Search Blended Learning ideas and lessons to bring to your classroom, in popular subjects K-12, with our blended models, materials and blended learning videos.
<div>Edutopia Article - Resources on Engaging Student Voices</div> www.edutopia.org Explore resources related to recognizing and valuing student knowledge, input, and expertise and building student-centered learning environments where students make decisions about how learning happens.
www.teachingchannel.org Get a look at one way to teach using differentiating instruction. Here Ms. Vagenas uses a learning menu to help middle schoolers learn about social studies. This differentiating instruction idea can be used to teach a variety of topics and subjects.
<div>Competency Based Learning in a Nutshell</div> www.youtube.com In 2009, all New Hampshire high schools were required to implement a system of assessment of student learning based upon the measurement of proficiency on co...
<div>Edutopia Article - Mastery-Based Assessment Builds Accountability</div> www.edutopia.org How you can help students take responsibility and meet high expectations by providing the right tools and support along the way.
<div><a href="http://www.christenseninstitute.org/blended-learning/">What is Blended Learning?</a></div><div>(Video &amp; Resources)</div><div>From The Learning Accelerator and the Clayton Christensen Institute: high-level definition of blended learning and its benefits for students</div> www.christenseninstitute.org What is blended learning? Blended learning is not the same as technology-rich instruction. It goes beyond one-to-one computers and high-tech gadgets. Blended learning involves leveraging the Internet to afford each student a more personalized learning experience, including increased student control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of learning. The definition of blended learning is …
<div><a href="http://teachingresources.uregina.wikispaces.net/Instructional+Strategies">Instructional Strategies</a></div><div>(Article &amp; Resources)</div><div><i>"It is important to vary your instruction to not only keep the students' interest but also to allow them to interact with your content in a variety of ways."</i></div> teachingresources.uregina.wikispaces.net teachingresources - Instructional Strategies
<div><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=35&amp;v=L_WBSInDc2E">Student-led conferences</a></div><div>(Video; 5 minutes) How co-planning via student-led conferences empowers students to own their own learning</div> www.youtube.com Putting students in the driver's seat of their parent-teacher conferences creates opportunities for reflection, engagement, and agency. Wildwood IB World Mag...
<div><a href="https://www.edsurge.com/n/2015-05-20-how-to-prepare-your-students-for-student-centered-learning">How to Prepare Students for Student-Centered Learning</a> (Article) <i>“Students have to learn how to take ownership of their learning. They must be comfortable in the knowledge that everyone learns differently, and they must learn how to become advocates for themselves.”</i></div> www.edsurge.com As student-centered learning gains momentum in the American classroom, some education leaders are making the mistake of pushing change too quickly. ...
<div><a href="http://www.thelandscapeoflearning.com/2013/01/there-is-more-than-one-way-to.html">There is more than one way to demonstrate mastery</a></div><div>(Blog) Why and how students should be offered options in demonstrating mastery</div> www.thelandscapeoflearning.com Expanding my educational horizon to enhance teaching and learning.
<div><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wjZKxmCQe8">Engagement Through Choice: Demonstration of Learning</a></div><div>(Video) Classroom example of choice for demonstrating mastery</div> www.youtube.com Erika provides her students with a variety of ways to demonstrate their under- standing. Using the arts, media and technology, students express their ideas a...
<div>ASCD - <a href="http://inservice.ascd.org/use-flexible-pacing-to-embrace-students-differences/">Use Flexible Pacing to Embrace Students’ Differences</a></div><div>(Article) Why should we implement flexible pacing?</div> inservice.ascd.org
<div><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izYvSRUKARc">Self-Paced Classroom</a><i>(Video: first 2 minutes) </i>Overview of the self-paced classroom model</div> www.tubechop.com TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it.