2016 National Fellowship winners
<div>Julia Binswanger ’16 and Mark Richter ’14 have Fulbright Fellowships to teach English in Germany. Lloyd Anderson ’16 has a Fulbright to research lead isotopes in sediment cores in Kieh, Germany at the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research.</div>
<div>David Jimenez ’16 Romania has a Fulbright to teach English in Romania</div>
<div>Bridget Kranz ’16 has Fulbright to teach English in the Slovak Republic</div>
<div>Michelle Kruk ’16 has Fulbright to teach English in Poland</div>
<div>Hal Miller ’16 has Keasbey Scholarship to attend the University of Edinburgh's Science and Religion master of science program.</div> community.bowdoin.edu Bowdoin Senior Wins Prestigious Award for Study in U.K. | Bowdoin News Archive
<div>Nicholas Tonckens ’16 and Ivette Pala ’16 have Critical Language Scholarship to study in Russia.</div><div><br></div>
<div>Talia Cowen ’16 has a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in South Korea</div>
<div>Lily Susman ’16 has a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in Taiwan</div>
<div>Hannah Sherman ’15 has a Fulbright Fellowship to work for a Mexican-based financial institution or venture capital firm to help expand financial access to low-income Latin Americans. Kelsey Freeman ’16 has a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in Mexico.</div>
<div>Caroline Martinez ’16 has a grant from Davis Project for Peace to help offer leadership training to indigenous women</div> community.bowdoin.edu Caroline Martinez ’16 Wins Peace Grant to Train Indigenous Women Leaders | Bowdoin News Archive
<div>Katherine Carter ’16 and Michael Colbert ’16 have been accepted to the The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program for US citizens to teach English or work in the administrative offices of local authorities or related organizations.</div>
<div>Megan Freiberger ’16 has a National Science Foundation grant to study paleoceanography, and past climate changes, at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.</div>
<div>Tess Watson ’16 has a Watson fellowship to investigate the ways people create homes in different environments. She'll travel to Iceland, Scotland, Portugal, Mongolia and Tanzania.</div> community.bowdoin.edu With Watson Grant, Tess Hamilton ’16 Will Investigate Homes Around the World | Bowdoin News Archive
<div>Kenny Cortum ’16 has a Fulbright to teach English in Bulgaria.</div>
<div>Tenzin Tsagong ’16 has a Fulbright fellowship to study Tibetan migrants in China.</div>
<div>Anna Piotti ’16 received an Austrian Government English Teaching Assistantship to work in Austria.</div>
<div>Olivia Stone ’16 has a Princeton-in-Latin America fellowship to work for a nonprofit health organization, Comunidad Connect.</div>
<div>Will Danforth ’16 has a Princeton-in-Asia fellowship to work for a Mongolian investment bank.</div>
<div>Alex Cheston has a Princeton-in-Africa fellowship to work for an energy-infrastructure firm in Uganda.</div>
<div>Sinead Murphy Lamel ’15 has a Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic in Amman, Jordan.</div>

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