Rezo Lumière : Homepage
<div>Here, you can:</div><div>&gt; change the design of your profile page and add a profile picture</div><div>&gt; post pictures, videos, blog entries, status…</div><div>&gt; add other members of the Rezo Lumière as friends</div>
<div>On this page you will find a list of all the Rezo members. It can be quite handy if you’re looking for someone, be it a teacher or a student!</div>
<div>&gt; Here you can discuss EVERYTHING with ALL the members of the Rezo.</div><div>Sometimes your teacher will ask you to participate in a specific discussion, but you can also start a discussion anytime and write about whatever topic you’re interested in or curious about! </div><div>&gt; This is also the page where you’ll find the classified ads: accommodation, jobs, furnitures, language course, …</div>
<div>Here is where you’ll find all the existing groups:</div><div>&gt; you can join a group created by your teacher, OR a group that deals with a subject you’re interested in (f. i. exchanging cooking recipes, talking about photography or music, discussing the news...)</div><div>&gt; you can also create your own group and invite other members to join you! </div>
<div>This is the space where you can express yourself and write about any topic you want (in French, of course…). You can add pictures, video clips and web links to illustrate your point.</div><div>Don’t forget to go read the other members’ blog entries: it can be very interesting to learn about a different perspective! </div>
<div>-- Ressources par niveaux: a selection of grammar and phonetics exercises, along with articles and video clips to work on your oral and written comprehension. Click on your level's picture to access the corresponding resources.</div><div>-- Tandem Lyon 2: the place to find a French student who is learning your language (in Lyon) and organize a language exchange: while talking together, you teach him/her your mother tongue, and (s)he teaches you French in exchange</div><div>+</div><div>-- E-tandem: same idea than before, but online: if you’re looking for a language exchange partner and you’re not in France anymore, this might be a good webpage to visit.</div>
<div>-- Main page: if you have any questions regarding the use of the Rezo, check the FAQ here</div><div>-- Tutoriels Rezo : here you’ll find a collection of short video clips to show you what exactly can be done on the Rezo (and how to do it!)</div><div>-- Tutoriels Outils TICE : (for teachers mainly) some tips and advices on how to use various digital tools to enhance and diversify class practice</div>
<div>-- Bons plans : a list of ideas and resources to discover, visit, have fun in and stay updated about Lyon and its surroundings</div><div><br></div><div>-- Évènements : daily/weekly suggestions of activities and events organized by the CIEF, Lyon 2, the city of Lyon, and others !</div><div><br></div><div>-- Que faire à Lyon : a group on which you can find ideas and share recommendation and advices on the places to visit in Lyon with other students and members of the Rezo</div><div><br></div><div>-- Jobs Lyon 2 : regularly updated student job offers</div>
<div>A tool to chat live with other Rezo members who are online at the same time :</div><div>&gt; click on a member’s name to start a private discussion</div><div>&gt; if you write a message on the “espace principal”, all you say can be seen by others, and all online members can take part in the conversation.</div>

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