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<div>What's the pollen count today? </div> Keep up with our daily pollen count.
<div>When to keep your child at home!</div><div>How to have a healthy school year and more. Link to....</div><div>The Clinic Blog!</div> SCHOOL HEALTH INFORMATION
<div>Seizure First Aid .</div> Find videos and information about what to do when someone has a seizure.
<div>Epi Pen and Epi Pen Jr.</div> epipen demonstration - Bing video
<div>Twinject Epi Pen </div> twinject epipen - Bing video
<div>AviQ Epinepherine Pen</div> auvi q - Bing video
<div>Protect yourself from blood and body fluids.</div>
<div>Asthma: Know the Triggers!</div> What teachers should know about asthma, and how to help students prevent and deal with flare-ups.
<div>Health Segments Information</div> - KidsHealth in the Classroom
<div>Allergic ReactionTips For School!</div> What teachers should know about food allergies, and how to help students avoid or deal with allergic reactions.
<div>Click here for Nut Free Signs!</div> nut free images - Bing images

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