Science Poetry Writing Prompts
<div>Provide at least 3 examples of how science is the poetry of reality. </div> This excerpt is from (h) TROM - 1.1 Science : The whole documentary is 13 hours long and it can be seen for free on it's official…
<div>Choose from 1 of the following:</div><div>*Write a poem describing a pattern you find interesting.</div><div>*Write a <a href="">concrete poem</a>. </div> Follow me on Twitter: @JasonSilva and @notthisbody Special thanks to filmmaker/photographer Rob Whitworth for allowing a clip…
<div>Create a science haiku, which is sometimes called a sci-ku. </div> Sci-Ku » Popular
<div>Create a slam poem that examines a science theory or concept you are curious about. Include at least 2 sources of research. </div> Anna Voelker - "Cosmic Curiosity" Performed at Story Night at Riley's Pour House 30 June 2015.
<div>Write a poem about an interaction with nature then visualize the poem as a comic.</div> Waves

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