<div>What happened during the Holocaust? While Hitler was Germanys' leader the Nazis were told to kill jews and other people that Hitler didn't like. Some of those kinds of people Catholic, Handicapped, Serbs, Polish, and many more people. A lot of innocent people died in the holocaust. It is said that 17 million innocent poeple died, although they could not be complete sure.</div>
<div>Who was involved in the Holocaust? Adolf Hitler, Nazis, Jews, Catholics, Handicap people, Polish, Serbs, and many other people. </div>
<div>What was the result? The Holocaust resulted in many deaths and in the end Hitler didn't win and there are still Jews around.</div>
<div>Why is this event significant? Its significant because without the Holocaust It wouldn't have been as big as a war that it was.</div>
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<div>On November 9,1938 a lot of Jews homes and businesses were broken into and burned down.</div>
<div>Hitler said jews were less than human. He also blames jews for Germany losing World War l.</div>
<div>Some Jewish people went into hiding. They hid with non-jewish families in attics, basements, or secret rooms.</div>