Anna Wu's Auto Biography! :D
<div>This Is MAH FAVORITE YOUTUBER! Her name is Aphmau and she was born October 16, 1989! She's a LIBRA and she is 26 years old! She is Amazing!</div>
<div>Here is my Favorite Minecraft Texture Pack! Its called Dragon Dance! It looks medieval and classy at the same time! I also LOVE Minecraft! </div>
<div>If you haven't noticed already....I LOVE BEARS!! THEY ARE SO CUTE! </div>
<div>Im obsessed with squishies! They are so soft and squishy! they just relieve so much stress! They are super cute too!</div>
<div>KYAA!!! I love these squishies =! they are slow rising! and They are so cute!!</div>
<div>I also love to eat food! (who doesn't) I like apples, strawberries, noodles, cabbage, AND SO MUCH MORE!</div>
<div>I've always wished to go to Japan! The capital of KAWAII~DESUNESS! </div>
<div>Ok so I love to draw a lot! I use a digital program called I Bis Paint X which an anime drawing thing! i dont draw like this sadly... but heres an example! </div>
<div>Chickens! Quails! I have Chickens and Qails! They are all super cute and they all lay eggs! :3</div>
<div>Heres one of my Youtube Videos! I made this with my cousin! It's cakked the "ChubbyBunny Challenge!" It was really fun too!</div> CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE WITH MY COUSIN! - YouTube
<div>Here are some bunnies! I love bunnies! They are so fluffy and adorable and SQUEE!!! These are my favorite types of bunnies, Dwarf Hotot. Their eyes appear to look really big because of their little black eyeliner type of fluffy fur at their eyes.</div>
<div>So I admit it, My fave color is pink, but, NOT JUST ANY PINK! PASTEL PINK!!!!</div>

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