DEXTER The Border Collie
<div>Dogs can hear much higher frequencies than humans. This means that they can hear things you can't. And some things you can't even hear, will hurt your dogs ears.</div>
<div>Some people think that dogs are colour-blind. This isn't really true. Instead, they just see the world slightly different to us. This is because we have three colour receptors while dogs only have 2.</div>
<div>Dogs are way better at smelling things than we are. Watch this video to see how they do it.</div> View full lesson: You may have heard the expression that dogs ‘see with their n...
<div>Have you ever wondered why dogs pant? Watch this video to find out.</div> You’ve seen dogs pant, but do you know why they do it? And is it true that dogs can’t sweat? Quick Questions has the answers! ---------- Like SciShow? Want t...
<div>This guy is a Border Collie. Border Collies are "working dogs". Watch this guy get to work.</div> Border Collies Sheep Herding at the Portland Highland Festival 2008.
<div>right here is where you'll find a dog's Dew Claws. They aren't used for much but dogs can use them to help grip bones or other food.</div>
<div>After you've explored each of the spots on Dexter, click this link to contribute to our shared google slide presentation</div> Everything we know about dogs Please find yourself a blank slide that nobody has started writing on yet. Enter anything interesting you know about dogs. It can be something you learnt from our thinglink, something you already knew or a link to something interesting you found on the internet.
<div>Test yourself by taking the Dexter dog quiz.</div> Sign in - Google Accounts Copy of Dogs

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