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www.beyond2015.org Full report available in English, French and 
www.beyond2015.org The Beyond 2015 Campaign would not have had such a positive impact without the dedication of civil society colleagues around the world. Find out more below.
www.beyond2015.org   Key Policy to Action tools / resources Beyond 2015's Policy to Action Innovation Fund projects Background on Beyond 2015's Policy to Action work In March 2015, the Beyond 2015 Ex
www.beyond2015.org Click here to read about the project's key results.
www.beyond2015.org More information: Participatory Research Group: click here Participatory Research Group recommendations for policy makers and advocacy groups: click here Lessons and challenges of the
www.beyond2015.org Beyond 2015 submitting position papers to the UN thematic consultations.
www.beyond2015.org From September 2012 – October 2013, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Beyond 2015 and GCAP, working with the International Forum of NGO Platforms, have been gathering the views of civil society through a number of national civil society deliberations in 29 countr
www.beyond2015.org Beyond 2015 worked hard to influence the content of the post-2015 framework by establishing an open and participatory process to develop a shared, global civil society position on 4 conceptual foundations of the framework. Key documents produced by the Campaign:
www.beyond2015.org Interactive timeline See below some of the key steps taken at the global level by Beyond 2015 (in green) to influence
www.beyond2015.org Vision, Purpose, Values, Criteria (VPVC) of the post-2015 agenda Click here