The Odyssey Map
<div>The goddess Circe was another staling point, but staled them for over one year! There was no loss of soldiers (to Odysseus's knowledge), and the only downfall to this is one whole year being gone. But the condition of them now leaving is them first having to go to the Underworld. Circe also provides valuable information on how to get past the Sirens.</div>
<div>The land of the Cyclops becomes the most troubling island to stop at. Six of Odysseus's best men are killed and Polyphemus asks his father Poseidon, to curse Odysseus and his crew so they never get back home. This causes them to be in storms for many days.</div> Trecho do filme "A odisseia"
<div>This land is filled with the Lotus eater people, all of the crew eats the Lotus flower, except Odysseus. The crew goes into a care free state and they forget all about getting home, so Odysseus has to snap them out of it. (This stop was more of a staling point in the Odyssey, nothing very interesting happens).</div>
<div>This is the place where it all starts. Odysseus and his men are ecstatic with their victory, and they decide to go on a celebration journey to show off the victory. But get trapped in a storm that blows them to the land of the Lotus-Eaters.</div>
<div>Because of Odysseus's curiosity, and the "too good to give up" advice that Circe gave him, he decided to go past the Sirens to hear their song. So he gives his crew members beeswax to put in their ears, and he got tied to the mast. He experienced what only few could, without death.</div>
<div>Odysseus finally returns home after many years of traveling. He gets advice from the goddess Athena, and goes to his home. In the end, he slaughters all of the suitors in his home, gaining back his family and his rule over his land.</div>
<div>Odysseus went to the underworld as Circe commanded, and they heard a prophecy from the ghost Tiresias. Along the way Odysseus sees many people that he knew that are now dead.</div>
<div>As Odysseus and his fleet of ships where about to get on the shore, giant cannibals popped up and started throwing giant boulders at the ships! Only Odysseus's ship and 45 crew mates remain. This was the most tragic of all the islands that they have visited.</div>
<div>Here is my link to the Piktochart.</div> Untitled Infographic | Piktochart Infographic Editor
<div>The goddess Athena helps Odysseus occasionally throughout his travels, but really helps him during the time that he is home. She provided the way for him to gain all his rightful possessions and routs for Odysseus in his battle with the suitors. She played a big part of "the Odyssey".</div>
<div>The god Poseidon curses Odysseus and his men so that they would never reach their home island again. He makes Odysseus travel extra days, weeks, and even months. He unleashes his rage on Odysseus to take revenge for blinding his son. Poseidon is a major setback for Odysseus.</div>

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