www.spellingcity.com L25 - The New Friend is available for study with 20 vocabulary, spelling, writing, learning activities and games on VocabularySpellingCity.com. The L25 - The New Friend word list was created by Johnna Kline, Angling Road Elementary School, Portage Public Schools, Portage, MI.
<div>Read about places around the world</div> www.pebblego.com
<div>Open Pebblego first</div> www.symbaloo.com Kindergarten
pbskids.org Have fun creating your own neighborhoods - of make-believe, on a farm, in a city or of a construction site with online stickers you can make bigger and smaller.
pbskids.org Elwood City Map is an interactive map of your favorite city! Explore the neigborhood, and get information on the peopple and places of Elwood City.

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