Voices Remix
drive.google.com Paper Cut Outs.MOV
drive.google.com Clay Animation.mov
drive.google.com Paper Cut Outs.MOV
drive.google.com A: AshleyZane,AlyssaLenhart.MOV
drive.google.com B: Madison Glatefleter, Amanda Richard, Lindsey Markle, Olivia Gemma.MOV
drive.google.com C: AlexSchneider,ZacharyMurr,EthanBaum,JosephKeeports
drive.google.com A: George's Movie.mov
drive.google.com B: ENSEMBLE & CINEMATOGRAPHY (Sydney Koncsol, Maddie Davis, Anya Schnetzka, Taylor DiPaula).MOV
drive.google.com C: MicahSopko,LaurenWeirauch,DJShepard,DavidFrie.MOV
drive.google.com Paper Cutouts Animation.mov
drive.google.com B: GavinLeib,AbbyLamison,JakahiHuggins,MaggieMiller.MOV
drive.google.com DrawingAnimation.mov
drive.google.com A: NaomiBrabham,PJLightner,LeeadelizPagan,JeremyRivera.MOV
drive.google.com LegoStopMotion.mov
drive.google.com ToontasticExample.MOV

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