A-Alex A's B- ARTISTIC DESIGN (Nate Linder).mov A: KatieKelly,KelseyBRenner,CatieStrayer,EmmaMcCombs.MOV B: AnnabelDodson,JuliaWarner.MOV C: Princess's A: Carson L's B: Kaylin's Animal C: Ethan C's Service Dogs.mp4 A: Finley B's Animal B: Maddie's PERSUASIVE (Anika).MOV A: SOUNDTRACK (Blaire Calaca-Heim, Areanna Lanni, Rebekah Watson).mp4 B: Jared's Nuclear A: Animal Abuse Emma Crumling' B: MadelynFunkenberger, GalaxyMaldonado,JanahlynTorres,KyleaHiggins,EliashkaVega.MOV C: Allison P's Internet C: Alexis's World

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