My Native American project.
This is a palm leaf chichee and the southeast tribes used it so they could be above the swamps. Furthermore, the houses didn't have walls because it was hot so the breeze could go through the sides and cool them down.
This is a cypress dugout canoe and the southeast tribes used it so they could get across the rivers. For example, they also used the canoes so they didn't have to walk across the swampy rivers.
These are deerskin leggings that the southeast tribes used so that the saw grass didn't cut them. Also,they designed them with patterns and different, vibrant colors. Lastly, even though it was hot they had to use them so they didn't get all cut up by the very sharp grass.
I did the southeast tribes and they used the palm leaf chickees, cypress dugout canoe, and the deerskin leggings.
This is one of the actual cypress dugout canoes from the southeast Indians.
These are actual deerskin leggings from the southeast tribes.
These are real palm leaf chickees from the southeast tribes.

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