An Interactive Image
Captured on March 21, 2016
This woman is setting up a teepee. A teepee is made out of buffalo hide and sticks.
This is a teepee.
This man is painting a teepee.
These men are hunting the herd of buffalo. Buffalo were considered sacred to the Sioux and they used every part of it.
This buffalo was shot by an arrow and is dead.
This is a herd of buffalo that the Sioux are hunting.
The Sioux often lit fires in there teepees.
My diorama takes place in the Great Plains region with the Sioux tribe. There were lots of hills in the Great Plains but there were very little trees.
This is a buffalo stomach cooking pot. The Sioux are currently cooking in it.
There were lots of hills in the Great Plains region.
The Great Plains region has lots of grass.

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