Benito Mussolini the Fascist
<div>Mussolini was a fascist meaning that fascism is a nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. Fascism is different than Communism and Nazism because it is based on a top-down system. </div>
<div>Benito Mussolini in the beginning when his thoughts started to change about war which he wrote about in his editorials. These editorials then started a huge ruckus and he started to become know. </div>
<div>Mussolini was made Prime Minister and marched on Rome. He mostly stayed in power because he maintained the order that was lost due to World War one. </div>
<div>Mussolini rose to power by helping Italy after its downfall. Italy was very corrupted so when Mussolini came in everyone looked at him as helping them since they were all so desperate. </div>
<div>A couple of interesting facts about Mussolini is first that Mussolini was a socialist before he became a fascist. Also, Mussolini did not become a true dictator until 1925. Finally, Mussolini was very violent when he was a kid, he was known for bullying and got even worse as he grew older. </div>
<div>Hitler had a relationship with Mussolini in the sense that he admired what Benito did, taking his idea of fascism and turning it around creating into Nazi Germany. They did have a tripartite military alliance between Japan, Italy, and Germany. It lasted for 10 years but unfortunately for them was cancelled because of Italy's fascist government. </div>
<div>Mussolini was so brilliant because he knew how to strategies. Mussolini was intelligent because he knew how to make the people not hate him when he was the devil behind this cruel plan. He also was an excellent speaker who knew how to work his audience so they would look at him as an incredible leader. </div>
<div>Mussolini was smart but he was also insane. He went along with Hitler, they were partners in crime in which he went down for what Hitler went down for. Mussolini was an evil dictator, causing him to be seen as paranoid, lead to his sanity. Due to his conspiracy with Hitler and him being him, he was responsible for the murders of so many. </div>

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