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Captured on March 18, 2016
Stone knife used by the Cherokee
Log cabin in which Cherokee Indians lived these log cabins were very steady and strong
This is a wigwam in which the Huron lived. they are made with birch bark and Woden poles. they made them by lashing Woden poles together then punctured holes in birch bark and tied them on to the poles
These are tools that the Huron used such as knifes, axes, blankets, and more
This is the clothing the Huron wore
The Cherokee were a hardworking intelligent and peaceful tribe. The climate were they lived was just between hot and cold. The Cherokee had plenty of water year round the men hunted for bear and dear with bows and fished with fish traps the women grew squash and beans in the valleys. Women also collected nuts. When men got home from their hunts the the women made capes, blankets, and clothing from the skin. The Cherokee also made canoes by taking a tree trunk and burning it out with hot coals.
This is a clay pot used to store water, seeds and some types of food
Tools used by the Cherokee
Region map
Ceremonial clothing used by the Cherokee in special tribal events

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