An Interactive Image
Captured on March 17, 2016
This is a redwood teepee. The Pomo Indians use them for shelter.
This is a woven baskets decorated with feathers and shell.
The Indians of the California inter mountains made clamshell necklaces.
The California inter-mountains region go from the Pacific cost of California inland over the Sierra Nevada mountains and into the Great Basin. The Great Basin was a desert. The Native Americans who live there were the nomadic ,the Shoshone ,Paiute ,the Miwok ,and the Pomo .
In this region the environment was covered with huge red wood trees on the coastal mountains. They had oak trees, grass ,and berries and the land was filed with deer, rabbits, and birds.
Stream had a lot of fish clams and other shellfish that they found laying on the seashore.

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