Coopers native American project of the northwest coast
Whale warm corn to the northwest coast Native Americans. They use the whale for food and they use the bones for tools and other materials
This is a Meeting House picture
This is a fire place that the native Americans of the northwest coast used. They used the fireplace to cook.
This is a meeting house where the Native Americans talk about important matters.
This is a totem pole that showed Different animals that they worshiped in the northwest coast.
This is a cedar tree that the northwest coast used for pretty much everything.
This is a seat that they sat on to well sit on and to do Rituals on to cure the sick ( which by the way shouldn't work).
This is an other fire w picture
This is a Totem pole from the Northwest coast
This is a Native American from the northwest coast tribe (which ISN'T chopping a whale to bits). My Interactive Video

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