Neck, left side: Beckham has the words “Harper” and “Pret...
<div>Beckham has the words “Harper” and “Pretty Lady” written here to honor his fourth child, and first daughter, Harper Seven.</div>
<div>The number “99” commemorates the year he married his wife, Victoria Beckham. Farther up his hand is a hummingbird, also a tribute to the former Spice Girls performer who is currently dedicated to designing her own self-titled fashion label.</div>
<div>The phrase “Pray For Me” is an alleged reference to his uneasy feelings regarding his move from Manchester United to L.A. Galaxy in 2007. </div>
<div>The phrase “Dream big, be unrealistic” was a quote he heard the hip-hop artist Jay Z say during a concert. </div>
<div>Here Beckham has Chinese characters that, when translated, say: “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend on heaven.” </div>
<div>An image of his wife, Victoria, is said to be one of David’s favorites and comes from a photo of her from a Brigitte Bardot–inspired shoot in Pop magazine. The phrase “Forever by your side” was added underneath, at a later date. </div>
<div>The religious image of Jesus being lifted by cherubs is said to represent him and his three sons. </div>
<div>The Roman numeral VII, or 7, his jersey number when he played for Manchester United. </div>
<div>Two cherubs, who represent his first two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo. </div>
<div>This tattoo features a woman in a forest, the meaning of which is unknown. </div>
<div>A depiction of the classic tale of Cupid and Psyche, pulled from a painting by Francesco Francia.</div>
<div>The word "Love".</div>
<div>Ten roses, which he was given on his 10th wedding anniversary. </div>

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