PINNA / AURICULA:Collects sound, AUDITORY CANAL:Connects ...
<div>PINNA / AURICULA:</div><div>Collects sound</div>
<div>AUDITORY CANAL:</div><div>Connects the outer ear with the eardrum. </div>
<div>TYMPANIC MEMBRANE:</div><div>Vibrates in response to sound. </div>
<div>EUSTACHIAN TUBE:</div><div>Connects the middle ear with the pharynx. </div>
<div>SEMICIRCULAR DUCTS:</div><div>Contain fluid which moves. </div>
<div>COCHLEA:</div><div>The fluid passes vibrations. </div>
<div>AUDITORY NERVE:</div><div>Send messages to the brain, which are then interpreted as sounds. </div>
<div>MAELLUS </div>
<div>EXTERNAL EAR:</div><div>Picks up the sonorous waves. These waves hit the tympanic membrane. </div>
<div>MIDDLE EAR:</div><div>Transmits the vibrations to the internal ear. </div>
<div>INTERNAL EAR:</div><div>Translates the sounds into electric stimulations so they can be interpretated by the brain. It is made possible thanks to the acoustic hair cells. </div><div>A sound too intensive and too frequent can destroy the acoustic hair cells. Once damaged they never regenerate. The sounds then can´t be transmitted to the brain. That´s the loss audition. </div>

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