<div>Dermis: internal part of the skin</div>
<div>Epidermis: Outer part of the skin where hair grow up.</div>
<div>Ruffini´s corpuscle: It´s a skin receptor that is sensible to heat.</div>
<div>Sweating gland: It releases sweat when the internal temperature of the body is too high</div>
<div>blood vessels: They feed the skin cellls</div>
<div>Hair: Structure made up of keratin that can get curl to retain heat thanks to a small muscled placed in its root</div>
<div>hair follicle: place where the hair starts to grow</div>
<div>Corpuscles of Meissner: Receptors of the skin sensibles to touch.</div>
<div>Oil gland: gland near the hair folicle that produces oil released to skin surface</div>

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