<div>VITREOUS HUMOR:</div><div>Is a clear jelly that fills the middle of the eye, and lies between the lens and the retina. It minimaly contributes to the opical power of the eye. </div>
<div>CORNEA: </div><div>Is an eye tissue found in the front of our eyes, it is completelly transparent and it´s various functions is to protect the iris and lens. It has the function of focusing the lens along with the images in our retina. </div>
<div>CILARY MUSCLE:</div><div>Controls the movement of the eye lens. </div>
<div>IRIS:</div><div>Is the colored part of the eye. Is function is to regulatethe entry of light into the eye as the diaphragm of a camera. </div>
<div>AQUEOUS HUMOR:</div><div>Fluid ( or semifluid ) substance. Present in the front and rear chambers of the eye. It is a clear, watery fluid that flows between and nourishes the lens and the cornea. </div>
<div>CONJUNCTIVA:</div><div>Is a thin membrane that covers the inner surface of the eyelid and the White part of the eyeball. Lubricate the eye to prevent frictional trauma during eye movements and when blinking. </div>
<div>SCLERA:</div><div>Is the part of the eye commonly known as the " white ". It forms the supporting Wall of the eyeball and is continuous with the clear cornea. </div>
<div>CHOROID:</div><div>Is the layer of blood vessels and connective tissue between the white of the eye and retina ( at the back of the eye ). Supplies nutrients to the inner parts of the eye. </div>
<div>RETINA:</div><div>It is the layer light-sensitive tissue that is in the back of the eyeball. Then converts these images into electrical signals and sens them via the optic nerve to the brain. </div>
<div>FOVEA</div><div>Is the area of the retina where light rays focus and is specially trained for color visión.</div>
<div>OPTIC NERVE</div><div>Is located in the back of the eye. The job of the optic nerve is to transfer visual information from the retina to the visión centers of the brain via electrical impulse.</div>
<div>BLIND SPOT</div><div>There aren´t photo receptors.</div>
<div>PUPIL:</div><div>The light passes throught the eye. </div>

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