<div>Cervix: it lets the spematozoids to pass and it gets bigger when menstruation or the childbirth is produced</div>
<div>Vagina: It´s a flexible channel that comunicates the uterus with the exterior. It´s where the penis releases the spermatozoids</div>
<div>Ovaries: Female sexual organs that madurates a ovum each month and they produce female sexual hormones.</div>
<div>Fallopian tubes: Two channels that join the ovaries with the uterus. It´s where fertilisation takes place.</div>
<div>Uterus: It´s a flexible cavity in which walls the zygote gets implanted. It´s where pregnancy takes place</div>
<div>Endometrium: Wall of the uterus that gets wider to allow the fertilised zygote to be implanted on it. It is released to the outside in menstruation</div>

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