Vas deferens: Is a channel that conects the epididymis wi...
<div>vas deferens: Is a channel that conects the epididymis with the seminal vesicles</div>
<div>epididymis: Is the place where the spermatozoids mature</div>
<div>Testicles: These are the organs that make spermatozoids and male sexual hormones</div>
<div>Seminal vesicles: Place where the spermatozoids are stored. It produces a fluid that feeds and protect spermatozoids on ejaculation.</div>
<div>Prostate: Gland that makes a fluid that protects and feeds the spermatozoids similar to the seminal vesicles´ one</div>
<div>urethra: Is a tube that runs from the bladder and seminal vesicles to the head of the penis. Its the tube through which urine and ejaculation is released to the exterior.</div>
<div>glans: final part of the penis that can get uncovered</div>
<div>prepuce: skin that covers the glans and protects it, its retractile so it can let the glans uncovered.</div>
<div>Cowpers gland: It makes a fluid rich in mucoproteins for the ejaculation. This fluid also protect the urethra from the acid urine</div>
<div>Bladder: It storages urine and its part of the excretory system.</div>
<div>Penis: It´s a spongy organ that gets the spermatozoids into the vagina</div>

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