Pinna: It collects the sound waves, ear canal: It guides ...
<div>Pinna: It collects the sound waves</div>
<div>ear canal: It guides the sound waves to the eardrum and makes wax.</div>
<div>eardrum: it vibrates when it receives the sound waves </div>
<div>oval window: Its a membrane joined together with the stirrup that comunicates with the inner ear</div>
<div>Hammer: it´s a bone that is attached to the eardrum and transmit vibrations</div>
<div>Anvil: It´s a bone it transmit vibrations to the stirrup.</div>
<div>Stirrup: It´s a bone and it transmits the vibrations to the cochlea.</div>
<div>cochlea: It´s filled by a liquid that conduces sound so when it vibrates the cells with cilia that are inside sends the information to the auditory nerve </div>
<div>Semicircular canals: They are three canals that contains liquid and cells with cilia so when the head moves the liquid touch the cilia. It's used for the equilibrium.</div>
<div>Auditory nerve: It sends the information to the brain from the ear.</div>
<div>Eustachian tube: It communicates with the pharynx and it equals the pressure outside and inside of the ear</div>

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