<div>Cornea: It's a transparent and bulged part that contains the aqueous humor and allows light to pass.</div> s4.thingpic.com
<div>Aqueous humor: It maintains the intraocular pressure and inflates the globe of the eye</div> s4.thingpic.com
<div>Iris: It is a colored part of the choroid layer that makes the pupil bigger or smaller depending on the amount of light that comes in.</div>
<div>Pupil: Hole that allows light to pass through the eye. Its size is regulated by the iris.</div>
<div>Posterior chamber: It´s a cavity between the chornea and the lens that contains the aqueous humor.</div>
<div>Lens: Transparent part of the eye that focus the images on the retina</div>
<div>suspensory liggaments: It makes the lens to focus by making it bigger or smaller</div>
<div>vitreous humor: It contributes to the optical power of the eye and it maintains the structure of the eye</div>
<div>sclera layer: It´s a hard white layer that protects the eye</div>
<div>Retina: Its formed by neurons, it gets the image and gets related with the brain by the optic nerve.</div>
<div>Optic nerve: It´s a nerve that communicates the eye with the brain.</div>
<div>Blind point: Its where the axons form the optic nerve. It has no photoreceptors </div>
<div>Fovea: Point of maximum visibility in the eye.</div>

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