<div>Some police officers believe that more crimes will be committed during a full moon. The author wrote, "Some police officers believe that a full moon leads to more crimes being committed."</div>
<div>Some people believe that accidents and natural disasters can happen because of a full moon.</div>
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<div>Some hospital workers believe that birth rates go up around the time of a full moon. In the article it said, "Some hospital workers also think birth rates go up around the time of the full moon every month."</div>
<div>One belief is that a full moon can cause madness. So many people believe this that they made up names for when the moon does this. There's "Lunacy" and "Lunatic". (Lunatic is my favorite)</div>
<div>So, far there is no proof that weird actions happen <i>because </i>of the full moon. Weird actions happen all the time, but, we don't know if they always have been caused by a full moon. According to the article, scientist have still been doing experiments to see if it's true.</div>
<div>People believe is that since the moon is strong enough to control the earth's oceans, it should be strong enough to control human behavior. My (Rayla) hypothesis is since humans have water in their body the moon should be able to control humans actions just as it is to control the ocean.</div>