<div>Ancient Chinese believed that fireworks would scare away evil spirits.</div>
<div> Fireworks in China </div> pwcs.bennett.schoolfusion.us
<div>This dragon is used in the festival, where they use the fireworks to scare away evil spirits. </div> meijergardens.files.wordpress.com
<div>Fireworks used in the festival of scaring away evil spirits.</div> www.beijinghikers.com
<div> Fireworks in China</div> mrkash.com
<div>Fun Fact: Firecrackers are simple rolled paper tubes filled with black powder.</div>
<div>China makes about 90% of the world's fireworks!!!</div>
<div>Fireworks are just chemical reactions.</div>
<div>Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things. Palms 119:18</div>
<div> This video is on fireworks</div> www.youtube.com YouTube
<div>The invention of fireworks led to the invention of weapons not the other way around.</div>

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