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<div>Amanda has gone through a lot in her life.She fell in love with Dawson Cole the son of Tommy Cole who abused Dawson his whole life.Later on Dawsons friend (Bobby) got shot in the head on accident.When Amanda and Dawson fixed Tucks garden Tommy and his kids ran over all the crops and hit Tuck.Then Amanda lost her daughter Bea because she had cancer. Then later on loses the love of her life .This great book from Nicholas Sparks has a lot of twists and turns.In my opinion its a great book.</div> TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink
<div>In the end, Amanda realizes that she still wants Dawson and calls him...but his phone goes to voicemail and she leaves a message. A little earlier Dawson confesses his love for Amanda in a letter in which the last line read, "Amanda you bring out the best of me." That night Amanda's mother came by her house to inform her that Jared was in an automobile accident and had damaged an artery in his heart,he was in need of a heart transplant or else he would die. At that same time as Dawson is leaving,but his brothers try to kill him by trying to push his truck in front of a moving train.</div>
<div>My classmates should read this book because its full of twists and turns. This book/movie will keep you hooked to it ,you'll never want to stop reading it.Its a really good book I recommend it.</div>

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