Lilly's Animal Zoo
<div>park</div><div>parks are for kids to play exercise and run around and play so basicly to have fun and play</div>
<div>entrance</div><div>entrances are used to enter the zoo so you can get into the zoo</div>
<div>lizards</div><div>lizards are a reptile this is my opinon I like looking at them while they are playing</div>
<div>monkeys</div><div>monkeys are fun to look at when they are playing or swinging from tree to tree</div>
<div>aquiaum</div><div>aquiaum is to look at all the water animals for example fish shark seahores dolphins and stuff like that</div><div><br></div>
<div>gift shops</div><div>gift shops are used to buy stuff like stuffed animals animal keychains and stuff that is animal are in it</div>
<div>WALKWAYS are used so you can walk over water and animals habitats and you can see the animal while still walking on the walkways</div>
<div>Bathrooms are helpful all over the zoo because we don't want any accidents.</div>
<div>snack stands </div><div>Snack stands are helpful all over the zoo so people don't starve and then they will leave then no one will come to the zoo then if it doesn't change people could get fired and the business could be ruined thats why snack stands are helpful in many parts of the zoo.</div>
<div>benches </div><div>benches are helpful if you need a break or if you feet hurt or get tired.</div>
<div>fountians </div><div>fountains are use for decorations and to look at some of them you cane put wishing money in the fountains</div>
<div>exit</div><div>exits are used to exit the zoo because if there was no exit then you could not exit the zoo</div>
<div>pengain</div><div>penguains are animal they live in a cold habitat so if you want to see them you would have to go somewhere that it is cold</div>
<div>tree </div><div>tree are used to breathe and if there where not any trees in the zoo the animals would not be able to brethe </div>
<div>zebras </div><div>zebras live in Africa where it is all hot zebras have white and black stripes</div>
<div>restauraunts are use to eat too so you don't starve</div>
<div>gift shops</div><div>gift shops are used to buy stuff like stuffed animals and key chains</div>
<div>bathrooms</div><div>bathrooms are used to go and so you or know one has a accident</div>
<div>trees are in the park to make it more colorful</div>
<div>elephant</div><div>elephants are huge and loud and they have a big trunck but I would not want to get close to one if it has water in its trunck</div>
<div>polar bears live in a cold habitat too they live in the same place where the penguins do</div>
<div>girafes have a long neck that how you can reach leaves off of tall trees</div>
<div>benches</div><div>we use benches so you can sit down if your feet get tired</div> AB8RAQEBAAICAwEBAAAAAAAAAAABEQISIUEDMVETMv
<div>gorillas are black and strong and they like climbing to</div>
<div>aligators have sharp teeth and they eat fish</div>
<div>turles are slow and the shells on the turtles are the turles home turles are very sentive with be scared</div>
<div>snack stands are there if you get hungry</div>
<div>fountains are pretty to look at</div>
<div>bathrooms we have bathrooms so know one has accidents</div>
<div>benches</div><div>benches are use to sit down if you have a foot ache</div>
<div>bathrooms </div><div>we have bathrooms so people don't have accidents</div>
<div>snack stands</div><div>we have snack stands to rest and to enjoy a snack</div>
<div>fountians</div><div>zoos have fountains to take a break and look at the beautiful water coming out of the fountains</div>
<div>trees </div><div>there make shady spots fresh air and to help make the park beatiful</div>
<div>trees provie shady spots to rest on and there make the park more beautiful</div>
<div>trees make they zoo more beautiful and colorful</div>
<div>benches are in the zoo so people can take a break and rest there feet</div>
<div>fountians in a zoo are in the zoo for decorations and they are pretty to look at</div>
<div>trees are inthe zoo to make more pretty nd to have fresh air and so a mokey can have its habitat</div>

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