<div>Wave: a periodic disturbance in a solid, liquid, or gas as energy is transmitted through a medium.</div>
<div>Mechanical Wave: a wave that requires a medium to transfer energy.</div> upload.wikimedia.org
<div>Medium- a physical environment in which a phenomena. Simply, the gas, liquid, or solid that a wave passes through.</div> www.coopersbeads.com
<div>Electromagnetic Waves: waves that don't require a medium to transfer energy</div> 9-1roberts.wikispaces.com
<div>Transverse Waves: a wave in which the particles of the medium move perpendicularly to the direction the wave is traveling</div> www.digikey.com
<div>Longitudinal Waves: a wave in which the particles of the medium vibrate parallel to the direction of the wave motion</div> 1.bp.blogspot.com
<div>Surface Wave: a combination of a longitudinal and transverse wave. The medium moves in a circular motion.</div> upload.wikimedia.org
<div>Perpendicular: to be at right angles</div> etc.usf.edu
<div>Crest: the highest point of a wave</div> pinkpanthers.pbworks.com
<div>Trough: the lowest point of a wave</div> pinkpanthers.pbworks.com
<div>Compression: a part of the wave where the particles are close together</div> thesuiteworld.com
<div>Rarefaction: a part of the wave where the particles are spread apart</div> thesuiteworld.com
<div>Amplitude: the maximum distance that the particles of a wave's medium vibrate from their rest position</div> www.ducksters.com
<div>Wavelength: the distance from any point on a wave to the identical point on the next wave</div> upload.wikimedia.org
<div>Frequency: the number of waves produced in a given amount of time</div> zptech.net
<div>Hertz: the unit used to measure frequency</div> zptech.net
<div>Wave Speed: the speed at which a wave travels through a medium</div> ipodphysics.com
<div>Reflection: the bouncing back of a ray of light, sound, or heat when the ray hits a surface that it does not go on through</div> 4.bp.blogspot.com
<div>Echo: a repetition of sound produced by the reflection of sound waves off of an obstructing surface.</div> www.wra.net
<div>Refraction: the bending of a wave as the wave passes between two substances in which the speed of the wave differs</div> upload.wikimedia.org
<div>Diffraction: a change in the direction of a wave when the wave finds an obstacle or an edge, as an opening</div> 4.bp.blogspot.com
<div>Interference: the combination of two or more waves that results in a single wave</div> images.tutorvista.com
<div>Constructive Interference: when the crests of waves overlap</div> www.virtualmuseum.ca
<div>Destructive Interference: when the crest and trough of waves overlap </div> cronodon.com
<div>Standing Wave: a pattern of vibration that simulates a wave that is standing still</div> upload.wikimedia.org
<div>Resonant Frequencies: the frequencies at which standing waves are made</div> 3.bp.blogspot.com
<div>Resonance: a phenomenon that occurs when two objects naturally vibrate at the same frequency; the sound produced by one object causes the other object to vibrate</div> maxmyperformance.nl
<div>Resting Position: a line that shows where the medium would be if the energy stopped being transferred</div> scs.sk.ca