<div>This is a wolf.</div><div>It's grey and white. </div><div>Its fur is long and bushy.</div><div>It lives in the mountains.</div><div>It eats big animals such as deers and elks, and small animals like snakes, lizards and birds. </div>
<div>This is a red fox.</div><div>It's reddish-brown.</div><div>It's solitary and cunning.</div><div>It lives in forests, grasslands, mountains and countryside.</div><div>It eats rodents, rabbits, birds, fruit and vegetables.</div>
<div>This is a Marsican brown bear.</div><div>It's very big and powerful.</div><div>It's fast.</div><div>It lives in forests and mountains.</div><div>It eats nuts, berries, roots, leaves and animals.</div>
<div>This is a red deer.</div><div>It's big and reddish-brown.</div><div>It's a good jumper and swimmer.</div><div>It lives in woodlands.</div><div>It eats young leaves, fresh grass, soft twigs and fruit. </div>
<div>This is a wild boar.</div><div>It's dark brown.</div><div>It's a bulky suid with short and thin legs.</div><div>It lives in forests enclosing marshes and meadows.</div><div>It eats roots,tubers, insects, bird eggs, frogs, snakes and berries.</div>

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