Mobile brand journalism pro kit
<div>Extension for mic</div>
<div>Rhode SmartLav+ microphone</div>
<div>MXL MM160 lavalier microphone</div>
<div>Selfie stick</div>
<div>White board</div>
<div>iPhone 5S</div>
<div>iPhone 6</div>
<div>Arkon Universal Smartphone Holder and Flexible Mini Tripod</div>
<div>Lumie case for iPhone 6</div>
<div>Business cards with digital and social media tips</div> Connect With Krishna
<div>Business cards with Snapcode</div> Watch this Story!
<div>Arkon 11 inch Tripod Mount with Phone Holder</div>
<div>Smartphone lenses</div>
<div>Mobile wifi</div>
<div>Apple ear phones and mic</div>
<div>Stylus for Snapchat and annotations</div>
<div>Spiral bound index cards for interview notes and contacts</div>
<div>Reading glasses</div>
<div>Spare battery for wifi</div>
<div>Fast charging unit for two devices</div>
<div>MXL MM130 Handheld Microphone for smartphones</div>
<div>Small black Sharpie pen</div>
<div>Lightning to USB cable </div>
<div>Lightning to USB cable</div>
<div>Lightning to USB cable</div>
<div>Lightning to HDMI adaptor</div>
<div>iRig Miccast microphone</div>
<div>Additional video and live streaming resources</div> Digital Video, Social Video and Live Stream Resources To Boost Your Visibility And Attract Leads
<div>RØDE SC6 iPhone Accessory - Dual trrs input and headphone output </div>
<div>RØDE SC3 iPhone Accessory - 3.5mm trrs to trs adaptor</div>
<div>Micro USB connector</div>
<div>Micro USB connector</div>
<div>Micro USB connector</div>
<div>Lightning to USB cable</div>
<div>Anker PowerCore 10400 Portable Charger</div>
<div>Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank</div>
<div>Arkon Folding Tablet Stand for iPad</div>
<div>Joby GripTight Micro Stand for Smartphones</div>
<div>Arkon Mounts TW Broadcaster - Tripod or Monopod Smartphone Mount</div>
<div>Brando Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone for iPhone/iPad</div>
<div>Live stream best practices, case studies and technology</div> The Live Stream Insiders Show
<div>Follow Krishna on Twitter for visual marketing tips</div> The latest Tweets from Krishna De (@KrishnaDe). Privileged to be working in healthcare research with a remit of communications, leadership development, employee engagement and public and patient involvement. UK, Singapore, US , Ireland
<div>The Lite version of this mobile brand journalism kit</div> “Getting started with #mojo &gt;&gt; my portable Lite kit for mobile visual storytelling 📱#mojoconedc”
<div>The XtraLite version of me mobile brand journalism kit</div> “Getting started with #mojo &gt;&gt; my everyday XtraLite kit for mobile visual storytelling 📱#mojoconedc”
<div>Eight smartphone apps for Android and iOS for creating visual content and brand journalism</div> Eight visual content creation apps for smartphone users (Android and iOS apps)

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