Metis by: Reese
<div>Metis is the goddess/titan of wisdom.</div>
<div>Metis is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. She is considered a Oceanid.</div>
<div>Metis was Zeus' first wife and mother of Athena.</div>
<div>After Metis married zeus she became the goddess of wisdom. </div>
<div>Metis' name means prudence,craft and deep thought.</div>
<div>Metis was never mentioned in myths as Athena's mother. The Greeks thought that women weren't needed for making a child.</div>
<div>Metis made the drug to make Cronus bring back Zeus' brothers. Some myths say Gaia made the drug.</div>
<div>Metis participated in the Titan War. Also known as the Titanmachy.</div>
<div>Metis made Athena's armor from inside of Zeus' stomach. Zeus then asked for Hephaestus to cut open his head.</div>
<div>After Zeus' head opened Athena popped out fully grown and armored.</div>

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