<div>Video summary of the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871</div> www.youtube.com YouTube
<div>Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck used war against Denmark (1864) to enhance Prussian power and gain support for the Prussian monarchy and army. He did this largely for domestic reasons - to outflank liberals in the Prussian Parliament. He used this war to set up another conflict --- this time with Austria.</div> www.deutschlandfunk.de
<div><b>The Danish War</b> (1864): Bismarck got his excuse for a war against Austria during a territorial dispute over two small German states, Schleswig and Holstein. These were under the control of Denmark but not technically a part of it.</div><div>In 1863, the King of Denmark declared Schleswig and Holstein to be a part of Denmark.</div><div>In 1864, Prussia and Austria teamed up and declared war on Denmark. They won easily. The two victors both had armies stationed in the conquered land --- Bismarck ordered the Prussian army to harass the occupying Austrians. The Austrians take the bait and declare war on Prussia!</div>
<div>Bismarck's plan to isolate Austria was working. As a result of the Seven Weeks War:</div><div>Prussia kept all the territories it had captured.A North German Confederation was set up under the control of Prussia.A federal Diet (parliament) was established for the states in this North German Confederation. The Diet would be elected and each state could keep its own laws and customs.The southern German states formed their own independent confederation.Austria promised to stay out of German affairs.</div><div>Austria paid compensation to Prussia but did not lose land to it. Prussia did not want to weaken Austria too much since it might be a useful ally in the future against Prussia's enemies.</div> www.thinglink.com Login - ThingLink
<div>How did Bismarck force the hands of Gemran liberals to accept this constitution?</div> www.thinglink.com Login - ThingLink
<div>Isolating Austria</div><div>Bismarck knew Austria was a major obstacle to unification. To succeed in his aims war seemed inevitable. Before he fought the powerful Austrian empire, however, he needed to weaken its position in Europe.</div><div>Prussia refused to help Poland when it rebelled against Russian control. Bismarck then formed a powerful alliance with Russia.Bismarck then formed another key alliance with France. In a meeting with Napoleon III, he promised to support France in its plans to invade and control Belgium.</div><div>Bismarck also struck a deal with Italy. Italy promised to help Prussia in any war against Austria, providing Austria were the aggressor and Italy gained Venezia in return.</div> www.thinglink.com Login - ThingLink