Cumberland County tax rates
Camp Hill has the highest tax rate in Cumberland County — at 19.8428 — though taxes did not increase between 2015 and 2016. They're doing it again, Camp Hill residents in 2016 will have their 10th consecutive year without a municipal real estate tax increase.
Hampden Township has not only the lowest taxes in Cumberland County, but in a five county region with a rate of 11.561. Taxes did not increase in 2016. The tax rate is expected to remain at 0.156 mills, or $15.60 for a property valued at $100,000.
East Pennsboro Township had some of the highest tax increases in the county — a 0.25 raise — thanks to a reconfiguring of taxes, which included a new fire tax. The East Pennsboro Township Board of Commissioners on Wednesday adopted a budget for 2016 and approved a real estate millage rate for next year, which includes millage for the township's new fire tax.
Overall, only seven of the Cumberland County's nearly 40 tax regions (Carlisle and Lower Allen have multiple tax zones) saw tax increases in 2016.
Cumberland County did not raise its county-wide tax rate. Despite disagreement on pay raises for county employees, the county commissioners unanimously approved the 2016 budget.
Shippensburg Township had the highest tax increase in 2016, with a raise of 0.3.

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