Whale watchers. I saw a whale once, all two seconds of it.<br>
Cat Whale - Oh the sailors say she cries like a cat.<br>
The First Mate's Story 1.<br>One day in Reykjavik, I met a man in the yoghurt aisle of a supermarket. He didn't speak the language and looked so confused. I looked at his shoes + knew he was a sailor so I offered him help.<br>SAILORS ALWAYS OFFER HELP. That was last week. Now I'm here.<br>
We waited the hurricane out. Now there's no wind.<br>
We leave on a Friday. Bad luck. Bad luck.<br>
Save me from Davy Jones. Perched in the riggings on the eve of hurricanes, shipwrecks, disasters.<br>
The First Mate's Story 2.<br>This is where there was the storm. I knew the man in the papers... His ship went down with all hands lost apart from him. Four hours in a survival suit. FOUR HOURS! I saw him on TV. He looked like a lost man. He won't go back to sea now.<br>Hanntok alltaf einhrerja forn.<br>
Don't fall in the water here. The cold will take you fast.<br>
We search the waters.<br>Humpbacks<br>Minke<br>Orca<br>Pilot<br>Fin<br>Blue<br>Dolphin<br>
Harbour Porpoise.<br>
Dangerous waters.<br>
The Cook's Story 1.<br>I only learnt to cook three years ago. My husband said he didn't like my food. I left him.<br>He was not a nice man.<br>
The Captain's Story 1.<br>I once touched a whale, you know. Smooth and grey and soft. Very young to come so close. The old ones know not to come too close. I shouldn't have touched it.<br>
The Second Mate's Story 1.<br>One time we were in Costa Rica. A man asked us to take a shipment of guns down the coast.<br>So we did.<br>
There is no wind so we whistle for it.<br>
The First Mate's Story 3.<br>When I was young, my dad was a sea captain + I used to work on the boats with him. I learnt to drink like a man. We'd run round the ports and there'd be so much drink and so many women. OH! A lovely bunch of coconuts, they were. We'd drink + we'd drink till we didn't know if the morning was upside down. My old dad would throw us in the truck, dump us back on board the boat and expect us to get up for the next watch, however sick we were.<br>
Three gulls fly close to the gib. They watch over us as the waves roll brown and high. THE SOULS OF DROWNED SAILORS.<br>
The Captain's Story 2.<br>One man had a problem with his heart. He didn't tell me and we were at sea when it started to break. We were too far from land to get help. I don't know how he survived. We'd have had to put his body in a bag in the bow.<br>
Story 3.<br>One man had terrible seasickness, so terrible he couldn't eat or drink. He just lay on the deck pleading for help. He didn't eat for a month. We were too far from land to get help. I don't know how he survived. He'd lost 10lbs by the end of it and kissed the ground when we came into harbour.<br>
The Cook's Story 2. DON'T DRINK COFFEE AT SEA. EVER.<br>
We wait for the whales.<br>
Fin Whale. <br>Once a man threw a stone + hit a fin whale right in his blow hole. So hard that the whale burst clean open. Many years later he went back to sea. A great whale chased him and ate him. They have long memories, you see.<br>
Redcomb Whale.<br>Dangerous to men. Oh, the sailors say they are so fast they can swim all round Iceland in two days.<br>
The Harbourmaster's Story 3.<br>Icelanders never used to eat whales. The Norwegians caught them for tourists + the Japanese.<br>
Minke Whale.<br>The Bartender's Story 1.<br>We have some minke and fin whale. We have it with some mustard, grilled + slightly rare inside. It's something real special.<br>
Don't breathe in whale breath. It will kill you. I heard that once.<br>
The Harbourmaster's Story 1.<br>Whale watchers. They go watch the whales then have a whaleburger in a local restaurant.<br>
The Harbourmaster's Story 2.<br>My grandfather worked the whaling boats in the '60s. He could tell a whale by the angle of its blow. Not many people can do that now.<br>
Magnetic anomalies.<br>
Great Aegir. God of the sea.<br>
Bull's Whale.<br>It's blow sounds like the roar of a bull. Keep your cows safe or they will run into the sea...<br>
Fishermen scared whales away with cowshit = fox testicles, yarrow or ash.<br>Sometimes they made a fire. So I heard...<br>
A possibly inaccurate chart of the North Atlantic where in is described the crossing of the vessel SEADRAGON in its hunt for whales and the miraculous stories overhead on the voyage.<br>FROM THE LATEST AND BEST OBSERVATIONS.<br> Paintings, drawings & collaborative projects by Helen Cann.
The Faeroese sing:<br>'Healthy lads killing grind,<br>That's what we like,<br>That's what we like'.<br>
Once a holy man called Brendan sailed to the Faeroes. The Isle of Sheep. Hermits choose the Faeroes.<br>
Orca.<br>Oh, the sailors say they are black souled.<br>
The Nahvalur.<br>Eats the cold corpses of drowned sailors.<br>
The Hunter's Story 3.<br>It has always been this way. Someone sees the whales.<br>Hang a jacket from a mast, send a message, phone or smoke. Drive them to the shallow shore.<br>
The Hunter's Story 2.<br>We have to go to school before we can hunt in the Grindadrap. There's a special way to kill them. Quick. Bloody.<br>
Ling Back Whale.<br>So large it looks like an island. They say St Brendan once mistook it for land by the heather growing on it's back.<br>
It is three in the morning. A white Arctic morning. Black arcs. Breaking waves.<br>We see pilot whales. I hear them calling... canaries of the sea.<br>But we dream of Blue Whales.<br>
The First Mate's Story 4.<br>I knew a man who hated the whaling. He climbed the mast of a whaling ship and chained himself there in protest. He was there for two days. TWO DAYS!! They got him down in the end.<br>I like the taste of whale.<br>
The Captain's Story 4.<br>I saw a ghost shop once. A long time ago, when I was sailing the Caribbean - she was black in the distance, black as burnt wood, sailing towards us + we radioed + we radioed. No-one answered. Not one voice. No-one was on board. Not even the echoes of ghosts called back. We thought it was PIRATES but no-one was on board.<br>Just a burnt out shell.<br>
The Second Mate's Story 2.<br>List of knots:<br>bowline<br>reef<br>clove hitch<br>piggy tail<br>
See the red roofs of Torshavn. Home of the Grindadrap.<br>
Still we dream of Blue Whales.<br>
The rain waterboards us. We cannot see. Where are the whales? Nothing but rain and spume hit our faces.<br>
The Cook's Story 3.<br>Women should never get fat. Their men will stay happy.<br>We eat a kilo of custard creams a day.<br>
The Second Mate's Story 3.<br>There was a man with terrible seasickness. We were sailing the South Seas + we told him if he ate a certain fruit from a local island he would be cured. It was a story of course but he ate the fruit and was never seasick again. It was the story that cured him. Not the fruit.<br>
The First Mate's Story 5.<br>It was a terrible time. I landed on this island, hot white sands + palm trees - had nothing on me apart from my speedos and a hip flask. Rum was cheaper than water so we just filled up and drank that instead... We thought we were in Paradise but really it was Hell.<br>
Storm Petrol.<br>Walking on water - just like St Peter, Bringer of Storms.<br>I can smell the storm on the wind.<br>Tap the barometer.<br>
The ship's boy monkeys over the decks. He pulls ropes and watches the tell tales. The tell tales tell all. He is ecstatic with the wilderness and the wind.<br>
Ambergris - fashioned in the gut of the SPERM WHALE.<br>Men of the East believed it was made from the breath of dragons.<br>
Once upon a time there were Bowhear Whales here.<br>
Hafuga. It swallows men and ships and even whales...<br>
Follow the birds to find land and whales.<br>
The song of the whale travels thousands of miles.<br>
They say Norwegians hunted whale since Viking times. They still do.<br>
Vikings found their way by the sun, the moon, the stars...<br>
Humpback Whale.<br>They find their way by the light of the moon. So I heard.<br>
Surfing the waves after the storm. I feel like I am flying into the moon. Waves high. First dark in days.<br>
The Captain's Story 5.<br>It takes a week to become you. Life becomes simple. You sleep. You eat. You shit. you watch the sea.<br>Sometimes it is too much and you lose yourself in it.<br>
The First Mate's Story 6.<br>One wild Atlantic night, two hurricanes kissed each other to make a perfect storm. I was there. The waves were fifty metres high. I have never seen my men look so scared.<br>They made a film about it. It was all wrong. All wrong. All wrong.<br>
We dream of Blue Whales.<br>
The First Mate's Story 7.<br>Alcohol blows your bowels, my friend. One time. I was asleep on a beach and had to make a sudden run for the water. I was swimming, swimming away from the shit, looking over my shoulders like a dog. All the little fishes following me.<br>
The Second Mate's Story 4.<br>Once I sailed a boat with an old tribal leader of the Tasman Seas. We had seen no whales all day. He told me he had special powers + could sing to the whales. He stood on the bow as the sun went down and sang. The whales started to jump. Another + another + another + another + another.<br>
Lighthouses.<br>Shoreline red.<br>Open waters green.<br>BLINK BLINK BLINK.<br>
Oilrigs:<br>heather<br>Tern<br>Eider<br>Thistle<br>Such pretty names...<br>
Tankers.<br>Cargo ships.<br>Ferries.<br>
The First Mate's Story 8.<br>Once, one August night - East of the Thingvellir. It was a lovely place. The sun never went down. There were fires + we sang + danced all night. <br>They threw me out. I was trouble.<br>I drank too much.<br>
The First Mate's Story 9.<br>You used to see all the Swedish girls skinny dipping from the rocks over there.<br>OH! A lovely bunch of coconuts, they were!<br>I tried marriage once. I didn't like it.<br>
We dream of Blue Whales.<br>
Gothenburg lights guide us in. At last. Finally.<br>
The Cook's Story 4.<br>All women should know how to cook. It keeps their men happy.<br>
A BLUE WHALE.<br>The closest we have come. Semi stuffed, in state, at the museum.<br>Stoppunked with nails.<br>Crank open her jaws and step inside for tea and cocktails...<br>A cocktail bar.<br>Oh the stories she could tell.<br>Oh the stories she could tell.<br>
No need for whale oil to light our lamps.<br>
BLUE WHALE.<br>Protector of sailors.<br>

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