<b>REPAIRS AND RENOVATIONS</b> Two weeks before spring training begins, more than $2.8 million in repairs and renovations needs to be done at Tradition Field. St. Lucie County, which is responsible for upkeep of the 7,160-seat stadium, has delayed the projects for years because it couldn’t afford to pay for the work.
<b>BATTING TUNNELS</b> (High priority) <b>Cost:</b> $40,000 <b>Reason:</b> The six batting tunnels are in “unsafe condition and need replacing.” The turf is deteriorated on most of the surface, with holes where the concrete floor is exposed in pitchers-and-catchers areas. “It has become a serious safety concern and a potential trip hazard for the MLB athletes.”
<b>ROOF REPLACEMENT </b>(High priority) <b>Cost:</b> $225,248 <b>Reason:</b> The single-ply rubber roof was installed in 2003 and retains water.
<b>WASHER AND DRYER REPLACEMENT</b> (High priority) <b>Cost:</b> $94,6000 <b>Reason:</b> The facility has five washers and dryers which were purchased in 1998. The machines, which are required by the county’s contract with the Mets, have exceed their seven-year life expectancy.
<b>INTERMEDIATE SAFETY RAILINGS ON STEPS</b> (High priority) <b>Cost:</b> $100,000 <b>Reason:</b> The stadium was built before current safety standards were in place. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends retrofitting bleachers and steps with handrails to prevent spectator falls.
<b>SEAT REPLACEMENTS</b> (High priority) <b>Cost:</b> $75,000 <b>Reason:</b> “The folding seats are beginning to fade, splitter and crack on the top edge of the seats, which could cause injury to patrons’ legs. The seats are out of production and, therefore, the backs, bottoms and replacement parts can no longer be purchased.”
<b>IRRIGATION WELL, PUMP STATION AND WATER INTAKE</b> (High priority) <b>Cost:</b> $200,000 <b>Reason:</b> Sediment, dirt and debris are being drawn into the irrigation system because of the way it was installed. It cannot work efficiently, and costly sprinkler heads constantly need replacement.
<b>ICE MACHINES, WALK-IN FREEZER/COOLER </b>(High priority) <b>Cost:</b> $70,000 <b>Reason: </b>Two walk-in coolers and two ice machines need replacing.
<b>ELEVATOR </b>(Medium priority) <b>Cost:</b> $50,000 <b>Reason:</b> The elevator motor and other components are about 28 years old and need to be replaced.
<b>PARKING LOT</b> (Medium priority) <b>Cost: </b>$214,000 <b>Reason:</b> Resurface the asphalt parking lot and entrances.
<b>PLAYING FIELDS </b>(Medium priority) <b>Cost:</b> $1.5 million <b>Reason: </b>The five minor-league fields have not been renovated since they were built in 1998. The fields are experiencing compaction, excessive weeds, leveling problems and drainage issues.
<b>AIR CON</b>DITIONING (Medium priority) <b>Cost:</b> $140,000 <b>Reason:</b> Air conditioning units were installed in 2008 and should be replaced in 2020.
<b>CHILLER PLANT </b>(Medium priority) <b>Cost:</b> $180,000 <b>Reason:</b> Two new compressors have been installed in the past five years. The system was installed in 2003 and must be replaced by 2020.

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