The Convention Delegates were people voted into the House of Representatives.Three of the leading Founding Fathers at the Convention were George Washington, James Madison and Ben Franklin. The two famous Americans that could not attend the convention were, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. Native Americans, African Americans, and women were the Americans that were not represented at the Convention. The Convention started on May 25, 1787.
The Great Promise was necessary so both large and small states were satisfied. The Parts of the Virginia Plan were the three branches of government. The parts of the New Jersey Plan were; one legislator, the power to trade and raise money by taxing foreign goods. Each state had only one vote. Parts of the Great Promise were To let the smaller states have an equal amount of votes to the senate and for the bigger states to house representatives.
Since the House of Representatives was based on population the southern states wanted to count slaves for representation. The Northern's reaction to the proposal was that if they counted slaves, they would also have to pay for them too. The solution between the differences was, 3/5 of the slave population would be counted when setting direct taxes on the states. The North wanted slavery to stop, but the south wanted slavery to continue. The South got their way for twenty more years, until slave importing stopped.

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